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Huh. All this time I didn't realize you could punch in your CRS into the UFC.
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Originally Posted by joojoo View Post

First of all I am good enough in CASE I recoveries. Let's say I have 9/10 successful landings in case I. The thing is that in case 3 when I follow the ICLS needles the aircraft is always whether left or right from the final BRC. To be punctual far left or right. That's the issue. I set the channel of the ICLS and the ICLS is active.
Do you have the HUD uncaged? I made a CASE III last night and I aborted my first approach because I forgot to uncage the HUD and it led me way off course. Once I corrected that, the second approach went fine.
Also, set the BRC to the angled deck, not the carrier's BRC and at 3nm out at 1,200ft, fly the needles.
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Originally Posted by Flamin_Squirrel View Post
Why would you set it 180 degrees out?
You're right. No need. I think that would be for Case IIIs where you are flying IFR and theoretically flying on that radial. My bad
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ILS and ICLS do not need a course to be set. If your watching your HSI and you have the course set it looks right but you can have it 90 degrees off and the left/right needle will still show the correct just won't look right.

Once you've set the ILS the only other option for land base is "reverse course" in case for some reason you have to fly an ILS backwards. It reverses the left/right signals coming from the ILS system so that it looks correct on your instruments. Of course this is not an option for an ICLS unless your one of the Grimm Reapers. Bunch of crazy's with their "unconventional carrier landing" parties.
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carrier landing, needles

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