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Default VR pilot body

Please can we have one, I think we had one when the F-18 released.

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+1 every new module should have an in cockpit pilot body at this point. I mean, the Hornet has it so I'd expect they could adapt that one slightly.
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Yes, I would like that as well.
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I was wondering about the same and asked Wags at one of his training videos

Wags answer in short:
They are working on it. Not sure if they manage to implement it at EA launch, but if not, it shouldn't take long afterwards.

For his exact answer, scroll down and search for "Sirrah" between the reactions of this video (YT doesn't allow me to copy Wag's reaction)
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A big +1 from me too.

The Hornet's pilot body in VR looks awesome and is very well done, the F16 cockpit will look very bare without this great addition.

Hopefully Wags will post here and let us know the latest on this (not sure if he remembers but it's as important as the side door on the Spitfire IX!!! remember Wags? and yes I still have that lovely screenshot you sent me )
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