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are brakes mapped correctly?

most every module I have bought ,I have to map brakes, because brakes work pitch and roll for some reason.

as far as game mode goes, you turn it on in main page settings I Believe but im a noob also, so if someone else might know for sure, please correct me, I was wondering about that too.
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In 2.0.3 the Center Ext Tank is emptied even if you only select the Outer Ext Tanks on the Right Console Panel with the Fuel Transfer Switches. According to the Manual (Page 94) this should not be the case. Hadnt had the time to test in 1.5.4 yet.
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Originally Posted by Svend_Dellepude View Post
Try to turn off wind in ME to see if that changes anything.
Thanks a bunch for all the ideas. I unplugged my Thrustmaster Tflight HOTASx and that did the trick. Functions as it should now. Is it just me, or has the overall physics of flying changed from DCS 1.5 to 2.0?

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Originally Posted by ФрогФут View Post
More description on this one is needed.
Some F-5 have pipper which moves to radar LOS, some do not.

Serial numbers, list is complex, but group 1 is some list including AF71-AF79 for 1971 through 1979. Group 2 is a short list involving some AF77 and AF78 serials. The difference is Group 1 has AN/ASG-29 while Group 2 has AN/ASG-31.

AN/ASG-31 "After radar lock-on, the pipper is slaved to radar antenna, indicating the relative position to target within gimbal limit (~ +-104mil in azimuth, +35 to -200 mil in elevation)." This occurs in missile mode. The figure 1-21 of the -34 shows the Group 2 block diagram of function showing FCR azimuth and elevation track feeding the mirror drive.

In dogfight-missile mode sight is centered in azimuth and displaces down according to predicted wing tip twist and seeker head precession.
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