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View Poll Results: big choppers yes or no
Yes 446 82.44%
No 95 17.56%
Voters: 541. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 10-19-2016, 05:46 PM   #41
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Let's see...
- Heavy Lifting: Check
- Really fast rotary wing: Check
- Troop Transport: Check
- Helicopter AAR: Hopefully (that would be an outstanding feature IMO)
- CSAR type missions: Check
- Spec Ops missions: Hopefully (NVGs, FLIR)

I don't think it gets much more multi role than that. Yeah, count me in!
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I voted yes because I like big chopper targets.

But I would probably never fly one.

Thing is....Zuckerberg is definitely an Alien... Some Kind of Grey Hybrid

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I have all the choppers (ka-50 is my favorite module by a huge margin) and plan to buy the two in development, but I'm going to pass on a pure cargo chopper. They are about as interesting as a C-5, which is something you'd have to pay me to bother with. I'm not interested in any module that has zero combat ability. Voted no even as a chopper fan. Stick with the harrier, that I'll buy in a heartbeat. I'm on the fence with the mirage III and the AT-27 is a no buy because I already have the L-39 which is basically the same thing.
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Old 10-19-2016, 07:08 PM   #44
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I may the one guy in the field on this but I would not mind having even simplified chopper as an option. Something like a planes in Flaming Cliff. Just have basic power on/off engine on/off exc. For as long as it has full customization options in therms of cargo/equipment it can have on it. And if it is popular make a separate module with fully clickable cockpit.

I bit off topic:
I am a casual flyer in DCS and I have most of the modules but still my favorite plane I used the most hours is still SU-25T that is free in DCS. It is complicated to use not because of its cockpit but because of how you have to use it in CAS. Getting in the danger zone on most of the attacks and so on.
I would like to see SU-25TM or other modernized variant with clickable cockpit.
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I'd go for a SH-60 for SAR but I don't know if I'd buy the others. Maybe the Super Stallion.
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Old german saying: "If you want to hit the shit, take a Hammer":

Give us heavy metal!
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Home Fries
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I'd be all in for a CH-46, CH-47 and MH-53.
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CH-53s and 47s, yes, yes, and HECK YES!

Still holding out hope for an MH-60, too

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Full fidelity big helo: Yes, but with a proviso that they should come along after DCS has been updated to support them properly with different mission types.

Things that spring to mind are paratroop drops, cargo drops, S&R ops, actual loading and unloading, and various things like that.
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THINK BIG yes yes yes
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