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I don't know what trim reset is actually doing, but what it's supposed to be doing is only resetting the trim back to the center position and nothing else. It's not a control that exists in the actual helicopter, and is only a convenience control for spring-based joystick users to reset the position back to center. For joysticks without spring and FFB, it shouldn't do anything at all. This behavior is occurring when Flight Director is on as well, so it's not related to the AP attitude holds. It's almost like it's temporarily disabling the SAS, but it's hard to tell for sure.
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There's no reason to use trim reset. Everything you do while operating the Ka-50 both on the ground and in the air should be done without that command.
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It's just a control that does a certain thing, whether it's useful or not is up to the person flying the aircraft.
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I don't think that trim reset sets it back to "the middle" exactly.

When you take off (with no wind or anything... let's keep it simple ) you will generally hold trim and increase power while moving the cyclic forwards until the aircraft is just about to take off and just about to move forwards. At first it will only be trying to lift the front gear. You keep moving the stick forwards and increasing power until you have all three landing gear extended as far as they'll go without lifting or moving forwards. Then release trim and take off. If you've done this correctly then you should mostly go straight up as I recall. From this point on you DO NOT want the trim location to move back to where it was.

So... It stands to reason that trim reset will set the trim back to the center of the KA-50's stick travel... where it is when you start the aircraft... but not back to wherever the current "controller" is at or something like that. I'm still not sure it's not doing whatever the FM programmer wanted it to do... It seems like it's working in a way that seems inconvenient to a few people for some reason... and I can empathize with that... but since it's not a real thing I'm not sure we can say it's not working correctly. That said... With the way I understand the trim system and what I feel like the "trim reset" would/should do... it's doing what I expect it would do.


I've never used it. I think I may have hit it once to see what it does... but I'm not even sure of that.
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Sounds about right Combat, it centers back to the center of the stick travel. I used it once to see what it would do. It pitched my nose straight up and got all wonky, almost like the "S" Suicide button in the SU-27. Never used it again.

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