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Default Eagle Dynamics Tribute

Eagle Dynamics Tribute (and Hornet Teaser)

In light of the long and highly anticipated F/A-18C Hornet and the merge to a new era of DCS environment
I dedicate this cinematic to the teams that work hard and passionate for almost three decades to bring flight simulation
to new levels and feed our addiction for combat aviation.
Thank you, Eagle Dynamics!

Details about the cinematic:

Lots of shots are made with a "technique" that I enjoy using privately and mostly never publish the final results.
Take a screenshot (paint out the watermark if necessary) then replace or animate the background, replace/animate displays and dials and switches etc.
In other words "the most inefficient way to produce a shot" ...because I have tons of fun doing it that way.
This time I kept at least the direction for once and actualy published the result.
If people enjoy it, a shot breakdown for some of the shots will follow and will be shown on youtube or in twitch streams.

EDIT: For the first shot breakdown I moved to "screenshots and videos"

Hope you get a kick out of it!

Fly safe,


Thank you, Coltrogue and Lumberhax for flying for some of the shots in this!

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Absolutely wonderful! Thanks ED!
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Thats a great Cinematic, very impressive. As much impressive as the DCS Software is, so thank you both ED and Weltensegler.

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It looks so good! It must have taken a lot of time and work to do it like this. The animation of the displays is simply incredible.

And to be honest, now I want my bobble head too!
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Cool. I wish we had some of those animations in game too.
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Fantastic!! We need to get those hands/arm in VR after seeing that!
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Great stuff welt

Originally Posted by vikko View Post
There are two types of fighter pilots - those who have, and those who will execute a magnificent break turn towards a bug on the canopy . . . .
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Great video and, of course, awesome sim!
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Great video
More news to the front
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One of the best....and there have been a lot of cinematic videos published online. Bravo!
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