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Default What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

What Video Game Are You Currently Playing? Also, How far are you?

Right now im playing, Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes. For the GCN. Im just replaying it for the 5th time. Im just starting Pycho Mantis.
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Well, I am just starting to kinda mess around with 'Rust', it is not exactly my usual kind of game but I have been having a good time with it, probably because I have been on a server that is pretty isolated from the usual unwashed rabble.

Other than that, been playing 'Splinter cell Blacklist' and Dishonored, I guess I have been on a stealth game kick.
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Amazing! You guys have time to play anything else other than the ED titles? 8-()
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War Thunder and some Payday 2

Man I could really use a navigator right about now.
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Civilization V is the only game I play (it's permanently installed). Used to do a lot of sim racing, but have to figure out how to make space for racing wheel and pedals in current apartment ...

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Of Orcs and Men.
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'Been playing a lot of Counter Strike GO and a little DOTA 2, gonna pass 850 hours in it soon. Also recently finished Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, super fun ninja game, highly recommend it if you like games with silly titles. Unfortunately I haven't been playing as much as I want recently, all my time's been going into making a website...about playing video games.

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I'll be playing Elder Scrolls Online Beta this weekend (just have to redeem my invite, because I'm a big fan of the Elder Scrolls titles)

Other than that mostly "only" DCS and X-Plane 10.
I kind of stopped playing World of Tanks. It's a great game, but the "community" there seriously sucks, or I'm just too old..
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Just like Lucifah, I will be trying out ESO this weekend. Other than that me and my gaming buddies are playing some Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead and Company of Heroes (Blitzkrieg mod) from time to time.

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There are other games besides DCS?
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