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+1 on getting online.

Get on the ACG Cold War server and go up against some MiG-21s. They have similar problems in terms of energy loss.
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Are there any youtubes showing F-5's success verses AI?
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This is a fantastic thread. I'll add my two cents based on my experience in the F-5E.

Regarding the F-14 scenario. You start off on his 6, and if you're quick you simply get a missile off. I never do this anymore (you don't learn anything). Otherwise, he goes vertical, which the F-14 can do in spades. I kept losing these engagements till I figured out the pattern.

When the F-14 goes up, keep going level and build up your speed. Track him through the top of your cockpit as he yo-yos around, then turn into him, level. The key is continuing forward so that you're directly underneath and a little past him, and you're effectively hidden. As he yo-yos around, inverting into the turn, you're no longer in his field of view. Perform your best corner turn, careful not to bleed off speed, as you'll need every ounce as he comes screaming back down. Timing is key here. He should be leveling off as you finish your 180, and you're on his 6 again. But careful as he's now probably doing 6-700 knots, and if you're too far out your AIM-9 will never reach him. Stay fast and force him to go up again, and run the same play if you need to, flying past and under him so he can't get the drop on you. But don't chase him up.

Otherwise, I find the F-5 works best as a skirmisher, and if you watch on youtube most F-5 pilots operate the same. A map with a solo F-5 is a dead F-5 IMO against anyone with a decent radar, but as part of a larger engagement your adversaries are going to be concerned with anyone else who's pining them with a better radar. Keep yours off and stay low. Your size and good visibility is your advantage, track targets with your RWR and get the drop on enemies who are too busy wondering who's locking them up. If you've got a friendly Eagle driver about, you can work with him to pick up bandits who he's driven to ground with AIM-7 and AIM-120 shots, they've bled energy trying to evade missiles and perfect for an F-5 to collect.

Hope that helps!
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