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It's not a problem to follow AI in the vertical. just make sure you have enough energy to do three loops with him (~400knots) and you can usually gun him down as he comes over the top on the second or third one. He will bleed his speed too. Works against all skill levels.

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Hunter Joker
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Make him turn and You got the game...

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The F-5 instant action dogfight over Nevada is good training against the AI F-14. I would hope that if you can beat the AI F-14, that you can beat the AI MiG-21. Even though AIM-9s are available to both sides in this mission, I don't use them. You start on the tail of the F-14, but he is far away and goes into a vertical climb. To beat him with guns, you have to close him and keep your energy up long enough to pull lead and wound/kill him. If you bleed too much speed before you wound him, he will slowly grind you down until he gets an AIM-9 or gun shot. The ability to keep the F-5 between 250 and 300 kts is critical to beating the F-14. When you have figured out how to do that well, you will have a decent chance against most opponents for the first 2 or 3 turns... then you are meat.

One trick that has almost always worked against DCS AI is horizontal scissors. Let the enemy get close behind you and scissor left/right... i.e. roll almost 90 degrees, pull hard, and as the enemy starts to overshoot, unload, roll 180, pull hard... repeat until the enemy is spit out in front of you. But the enemy (like the AI F-14) may pull into the vertical after overshooting, so you need to keep your energy up enough for a snapshot as the enemy climbs past you.

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Also, if you get the F5 up to about 600 kts, it can outturn most everything going slower without bleeding too much speed. Just be careful about the overshoot.

I was flying vs my buddy who was learning the su27, and he couldn't keep a sustained turn rate to match me, though he was flying a bit slower.

A lot of dogfighting comes down to speed. Speed is life.
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How do you keep the energy up in the f5? Seems like once youve gone below 300 the speed falls off fast and you have to dive to get your speed up. At certain altitudes you dont have the option. It does turn great but it looses energy very fast.
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