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In my opinion, wht CA really needs and could be made into something that really adds to DCS is in two steps:

- Give commandable units a set of different AI behaviors that CA player can choose for them to follow on the fly. This includes different formations too.

- Give CA player more options in F10 map. CA doesn't necessarily need a Wargame series like interface, nor a Men of War like one. Yes, they would be cool, but I can see how much work that could be. Just making the F10 map useful as an RTS tool would be great.
Give the player a menu so they can command groups and/or individual units to do stuff. Also embarking/disembarking of infantry needs to be a thing. Infantry needs some sort of "take care of themselves" AI, taking cover etc.

Playing a vehicle directly is a cool aspect, but I don't think CA was ever designed to be a tank sim, and it is probably a bit too wide in scope to do right in DCS. This is still primarily a flight sim after all. Complex armour penetration/protection and damage modeling would probably be a bit too much for a sim with big maps where high fidelity stuff is happening all over the air. I see that aspect as a cool cherry on top, kind of like direct control mode in Men of War series. Although I agree that this aspect definitely can use lots of improvements.

I know many people think of CA as either a vehicle sim, or even an ARMA alternative. I really don't see it becoming either, and player controlled infantry in DCS is just something that won't work too well for various reasons.

However, it can be a great tool to make DCS missions much more dynamic, especially for multiplayer.
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Some things I forgot to mention/discuss:

Giving enhanced control of AA units to players can make a LOT of sense. FPS for direct fire guns, RTS/systems UI for multi-component SAM sites and such. For one thing, there are tons of targets on the sky that are already manned by players. Creating a couple of manned AA systems would give a whole new challenge and increased resistance to the air players.

I think helicopters are very different from jet platforms - and combined arms aspects might be more important for us helicopter pilots. Jets swoop in, hit (or miss) a target, the swoop out while evading the odd SAM launch - all in the matter of a few seconds, while helicopters linger at the edges of the battlefield, always present and ready to roll with the punches of the battle, while receiving fire from honestly pretty much every calibre of weaponry on the battlefield. The interactions are just a bit more intimate and personal there.

The helicopter aspect might be something for ED to consider. I think there really hasn't been a truly worthy helicopter game on this decade but ED stand a chance to still make it (at least for the early 2020's) - what was in Black Shark creates quite an expectation what could be a decade later, if ED is willing to learn and iterate to bring the gameplay into today's world. Infantry would be an important part of the equation - although I understand we're talking pretty ambitious goal setting here.

The CA is a dangerous tool. For one thing, it exposes all the illogic and cut corners that might exists in the ground warfare by bringing it right under the player's nose. True the CA can also be a crutch and a workaround to get over stupid AI / game engine issues - but if the core of JTAC skill is how to get over (or abuse) the sometimes sorry state of game implementation, the gameplay experience suffers and can do so for the whole team: they depend on the success or failure of the JTAC for the outcome of the mission. The cost of a truly noteworthy CA brush-up could be countless hours spent in implementing AI and redesigning the maps and the engine at the ground level.
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Well, I'm not trying to "compare" DCS to another game here, so please don't kill my post. I'm only trying to give a general idea of what CA could be, and really should be, in DCS: World.

I remember playing old UT mods that were VERY realistic. They were like Infantry Simulators more than FPS. The graphics weren't the greatest, but they were AWESOME. And guess what? DCS now surpasses those graphics by quite a bit.

What we always wanted to bring in, but couldn't, because of those days tech limits, were realistic vehicles and aircraft.

So now, we have the game to do it. With the size of the World we wanted. All DCS has to do map wise is just give us an editor to bring in our own 3d objects. Then, we can build more complex towns and outposts, and such. Maybe even some tiny islands where we can mount fortresses to defend.

Imagine an aircraft carrier carrying troop helicopters and gun ships bringing in Marines to raid a Terrorist controlled fortress on a small island. Troops can land on the beaches and also fastrope down beyond the fortress walls. Fighters can roam the sky's performing CAP against enemy fighters.

This is what a lot of people want, and is really yet to be realized.

True, what probably REALLY needs to be worked on in this game is the NETWORK ( or lack there of ). It needs a modern model, that can handle at least 50 or so players.

Imagine this infantry and map style in DCS: World.

Now imagine realistic helicopters and vehicles on this map. TOTAL GAME CHANGER.

Not the greatest map, but you get the picture. Obviously, DCS: World would be more than capable of this.

There are some better maps which show the use of helicopters fast-roping Marines to the ground, and then the door gunners backing them up as they assault the target, but unfortunately, I can't find video of it.

If we only had had DCS: World 20 years ago.

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@3WA it's practically all there already. ED needs to do what it does best and add value to that. Even the 20 years back UT engine just might have been better in FPS infantry combat than today's DCS one... adding in ATGM launchers probably changes it a bit but still...
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