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Default Fighter Weapons School

Virtual Air Combat is a Las Vegas-based company inside a large gaming center on the Las Vegas Strip. During our remodel, we have incorporated online play into our live play facility. The remodel is scheduled for completion early 2020, but our online version is live.

We are fully licensed to operate DCS commercially through contracts with Eagle Dynamics.

The first Fighter Weapons School Class and Tournament is now open for registration.

Fighter Weapons School:

- Passable with basic knowledge of aircraft systems and aerial maneuvers
- Open to anyone in the world to participate
- Self taught/paced only requiring online research via youtube, manual, etc
- Each class is open for 15-16 days, requiring six completed tasks for graduation

Class Tournament:

- Open to ANY graduate of ANY Virtual Air Combat Fighter Weapons School Class
- First entry included with class registration (requires membership, max $5.50 per month)
- Three re-entries allowed per tournament
- All matches are best-of-five, with the championship match being best-of-seven
- There is no limit to the amount of times a single player can win this monthly tournament

Tournament Champion (Top Gun):

- Top Gun Trophy
- Master Pin-on Wings
- Fighter Weapons School Graduate Patch w/Velcro Backing
- Option to be FWS Instructor @ Next Class (Awards Instructor Patch w/Velcro Backing)
- DCS Module of Choice ($80.00 max)
- Cash Prize: $2,300.00 Maximum (Depends on Number of Entries)

This first online Fighter Weapons School Class Tournament will feature a $200 added bonus, making this classes maximum prize pool $2,500.00.

Visit for more information.
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Curious.. how many participants so far? And who's actually running the show? Can't find much information on that...

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The initial live Fighter Weapons School with no tournament (beta) took place live in Las Vegas, Nevada at our parent gaming center (now under remodel to incorporate the addition of Virtual Air Combat. We are a tourist attraction on the Las Vegas Strip, south end. We have a dedicated team of employees that are managing this new addition and once the remodel is complete, will be upwards of 20 commercial licenses with Eagle Dynamics.

The participants are going to range class by class. As this is the first of an infinite amount of classes and tournaments, we've added $200.00 as the minimum. For example, if only two people enter the class and tournament, one entry each into the tournament, and the loser does not re-enter within 12 hours, the trophy, cash, and prizes, go to the winner.

We're excited for our live section to open. Walk-in tourists and locals ask on a daily basis to tour the new center and fly, but as it's not complete, and have not purchased the remaining licenses yet, we can't allow them to.

You may contact me directly if you have questions. Email is the fastest way to receive a response. We are set to check the forums daily, M-F, 0800 - 1700 PST. or our staff at
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Whats the catch?

Edit: You having a laugh $20 for some entry then $5.50 P/M? Dont take it the wrong way but no thanks, Good luck tho.

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There are no catches. This has been in the works for a few years, beginning with Open Falcon. A few hundred hours went into that along with two glass cockpit simpits before realizing that DCS was the way to go.

Those registering for the first class, five so far over the weekend, will be our first online class.

We have fully disclosed our intent, practices, and promise of longevity to the DCS/Eagle Dynamics staff through our licensing endeavor. We have invited those same staff members to closely monitor us as we push forward. They have also been sent every tangible good we offer for a quality check, including wings in all versions (colors, ratings,) all patches, name badges, etc.

We have no "sign up for our newsletter" stuff. We send only automated receipts for purchases, shipping confirmations, and only relevant information regarding your account, or replies to support requests. Also, we don't do "tickets." You're going to get a real response every time.

This is the exception to the old adage "too good to be true." The majority of the money from tournaments after graduating Fighter Weapons School goes right back to the players, minus processing and tournament fees, and funds to produce the trophy awarded to the winner of each class. The complete breakdown of entry fees and dispersement can be found here:

Keep in mind, the maximum number of tournament entrants is 100, with a re-entry maximum of three. The prize pool is 100x20=2000+80x20=3600. Subtracting processing fees, trophy, module awards, etc, the maximum prize pool for any class is $2,300.00 to the winner. We have added $200.00 to this first class. Additional prizes for runner-ups can be found on the Fighter Weapons School Class 02-19 homepage here:

Thanks for the question.

Notes: Classes and Tournaments are monthly, meaning that prize pool availability is monthly. Graduates may compete in every tournament, while only have to graduate once.

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According to the website one will fight against „some of the best virtual fighter pilots in the world“. Are they part of the team or supposed to sign up?
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Originally Posted by mortalkombat View Post
According to the website one will fight against „some of the best virtual fighter pilots in the world“. Are they part of the team or supposed to sign up?
Good question.As well, if you take a look at what the (so far published) FWS course missions entail, me personally I find that a bit frugal..

I mean seriously? Take off and find the 1,2..3 bandits in the area?
You can design such a mission in about 10 minutes yourself with the Mission Editor.
Unless the accompanying study material is really top notch hot stuff, I really wonder the content vs price / cost relationship.


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I'd like to learn a lot more about the people running this before I part with any cash.

Don't get me wrong it looks great, but you are a total unknown, and you are not the first person to randomly come out of no where promising prizes and events.

Who are you?
What is your history in DCS?
What is your event history?
Why should we pay to take part in your events?

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Also you claim to be on the strip in a "Gaming center" What one just google map shows 4 or 5 there, Alot of money to pump in if people dont know where you are or based, Theres no address on the website, No facebook, Twitter etc etc.

Las Vegas-based company inside a large gaming center on the Las Vegas Strip
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Great question, gentlemen. I will answer the best I can.

Mortal Kombat:

As of now, most of our connoisseurs have been flying sims for years, as well as are prior/current USAF, with some being either pilots (fighter and cargo) or drone pilots. It's a new venue for our organization and most of the participants have been locals, beta testers, etc. While the community grows, it will naturally comprise itself of the best VR pilots.

Regarding individual or teams, most of the competitions are set up to be an individual event. We have listed on our website that force on force will also include 2v2 and 4v4, but those will more than like be league matches.


I understand that you, as well as many, many others, are probably very proficient at these tasks listed in the FWS curriculum. However, many of our local and tourist clients are children. They come in to get a taste with the hopes that they'll continue their flying online, playing DCS, if not with us, at least with you all.

The reason they are so "frugal" is so that prior to entering a tournament, each person has at least the minimum functional knowledge of the game, meaning that if a 12 year old is going to enter, the minimum skills to be competitive are present, while at the same time allowing them to earn something tangible for their play, like a patch or wings.

The cost v benefit ratio you speak of is being able to compete for the prizes, monthly. Players with great confidence in their skills against other live players, should clean up. The tournaments are skill based, head to head, best of 7, with no "mission" other than to down the other aircraft and win. Additionally, we allow a prize pool "chop," meaning that if it is down to the last 2, 3, 4 players, they may discuss a deal where everyone gets equal prize money from the prize pool (example: $1,000.00 in the prize pool / 4 players = $250.00 each.) The players would continue playing beyond the "chop" deal for the trophy and other prizes. 4 is the minimum required remaining players to discuss a chop.


As you should know those things prior to releasing your funds. We respect your concern. In the era of Nigerian Princes that have a fortune to give to you, buyers online that will pay you more than your TV you're selling on Craigslist via cashiers check that will bounce a week after clearing, and hackers catching people doing things and demanding bitcoin payment, you have every right to be suspicious.

The owner of the gaming center overall is a United States Army veteran, retired, and 100% disabled through the VA. In addition, he's also a private pilot, war veteran of 7 years (Iraq/Afghanistan) and a former contractor with the Department of State. The company is licensed in the city of Las Vegas and the state of Nevada.

DCS history consists, in its majority, of our technical consultants that recommended DCS, beta tested the concept for employment in a commercial setting, and set the parameters for users 12 years old and up. Initially, the goal was to utilize Open Falcon with functional simulators, the recommendation of our consultants was to go with DCS.

The event history is minimal at this point. We have conducted one live invitation-only class with 20 participants. Tasks were much more complex, reporting requirements were also considerably more difficult, and the class took two months for 20 people to complete with changes to the syllabus mid-class. This is the reason, as Snappy mentioned, that it seems a bit easy.

Your final question has been mentioned several times here, but mostly via email. We are going to make a change for this class.


We are going to adjust the membership effective today, so as to allow prospective members to join for free at the monthly (2LT/ENS) level, and leave it that way until January 1, 2021.

Additionally, we will post a promo code later today for DCS forum members who view this post to receive their entry to Fighter Weapons School for free, as well as their first entry to the Class Tournament being complimentary. The prize pool will increase to a $300.00 minimum for the winner, and will increase for every re-entry purchased. The cash prize will be transmitted via PayPal, so make sure you have an account.

After consulting with the owner, he recommends that no one re-enter unless they feel comfortable doing so. The $300.00 prize pool is guaranteed with no money in. Simply complete the Fighter Weapons School after completing your sign up, and compete for the prizes listed on the site.

We are putting our money where our mouth is. You can join, attend the class, and compete for the prize (initial entry only) at no charge.

The changes will be reflected on our website within the next 24 hours, NLT 3111000LOCT19.

We hope this helps clear things up and inspires great confidence.

EDIT: The Fighter Weapons School Class Completion date will also change. The new NLT completion date will be 111200LNOV19. The tournament will begin matching competitors by region on 12NOV19, with commencement of matches on 13NOV19. These changes will be reflected on the FWS 02-19 page in the next 24 hours.

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