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Default Integrate user

EDIT: The title was supposed to be: "Integrate user made logbooks/countries - how to?"

I don't know if this is the proper section,or if the answer has been already provided elsewhere, but I wanted to ask what are the proper channels to suggest/propose some integrations to the country database and that has been already tackled by the community.

More specifically I have a few countries that have either logbooks or inventories updated/added or that are in the final stages of completion.

- - - work in progress by myself - - -
Cuba (2000-) // logbook with ranks and squadrons but no medals yet
Hungary (1990-) // complete logbook with squadrons, ranks and medals (based on old Lock On mod) + and updated units list
DDR - German Democratic Republic (1976-1990) // logbook and units list
SFR Yugoslavia (1982-1991) // logbook only, no medals yet
USSR (1981-1988 ) // logbook ranks only

Furthermore, there are a few additions already done by other talented users (i.e. Venezuela, Syria).

Indeed, modifications to db_countries.lua (i.e. logbooks, units) are overwritten by each update, and do not pass integrity checks (correct me if i'm wrong). Given that most of the work would have been done by users from the community (including myself) it should be a fairly quick thing to implement by ED. Now that Cuba has been implemented in game with no specific liveries for its units, we might also have a better chance to have the database updated even without including liveries (which in most cases can be freely found as mods).

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