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Originally Posted by Pilot905 View Post
Has anyone flown the Viggen?


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Originally Posted by Pilot905 View Post
Has anyone flown the Viggen?
Yes, and its a great aircraft. It falls into the easy to learn Extremely difficult to master category. I love it for how analog everything is. All the clicks and clacks and whirs. It is mostly a strike one pass haul ass type of aircraft though.
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I know the op is specific, but if you feel the F18 is too big a jump from a p51, i would instead also consider the F5E over the F86F.

Its simple to learn in its basics, but has alot more going for it than the F86F in applicability in scenarios, its very maneuverable, and very forgiving jet for something lacking fly by wire. Although far from modern it has alot more pertinent basicis for a DCS environment ( like countermeasures, Radar warning reciever, and Radar), and even all aspect Aim9's. which are actually usable vs being extremely situational like the Gar8/Aim9B

Though that being said, the F18 has a the most versatility in how its utilized, and fits the best for the general DCS modern environment.

basis of operation are simple, its easy and forgiving to fly due to Fly by wire, although learning all the combat systems requires gradual steps, as its more in depth than a simple analog plane.

As for the viggen? Id say its very specific type of aircraft, basically primarily for anti shipping, and single pass haul ass ground bombing. ITs not very versatile, and is catered very specifically to Swedish doctrine. I wouldn't recommend it as the next step from P51 unless you have a very specific interest in such an aircraft.



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Great stuff folks, thank you for all your feedback.
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