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Default New to sim (Couple of questions)

Hello all,

I'm growing tired of WW2 planes from games like wwiionline and Il2:BOS, and would like to dive into modern fighters, so I came here and would like professional opinions from the experts.

I have a couple of questions though. I would like to get into carrier operations, but first am guessing I should focus on landing and taking-off from land runways.

1.) I have a Logitech 3D Pro and I'm assuming that way too simple for the complex cockpits of modern day fighters. Should I go with the Logitech X52, or the Logitech X56? Mind you either of those two please.

2.) Should I start with the F5E, or should I just say screw it and jump to the F18C? I like the looks of Red Flag operations and am guessing I would learn a lot from it(?).

Other then the obvious DCS World Steam Edition what modules should I start out with?

Thanks for putting up with a newbie.
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1) if you want to choose there, the x56 would be better with 2 throttles. for all hotas systems, you should read reviews, as especialy with the saiteks there has been some quality problems (madcatz).

2) take the hornet, its easy to fly and learn as long as you dont touch the weapons and other more complex systems, just learn rampstart, takeoff, airfield pattern, landing, some navigation first

just a personal opinion though, have fun

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1) If you have the money and you are sure hour love for simming is there to stay, not just a passing trend, I would recommend picking something like a CH pro joystick and throttle or a warthog joystick + TWCS throttle, cheaper than the full warthog hotas pack but just with as many buttons (other good options in the market like virpil or vkb stuff).

2)If you are starting with modern stuff I would even say get FC3, so you get many planes and you will understand what you like the most (ground pounding like A10A or SU25/T or air superiority with Mig29,Su27,F15c). They are complex enough to learn the basics. Other than that any full fidelity module is great, for example the A10C is absolute wonderful to learn, also the F18C, actually you cant go wrong with any module in their current state (including Harrier, mirage 2000c or the Tomcat).

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I used a Logitech 3D Pro before and it is a great stick for this game. But after a while I changed to a Logitech X52. I'm very happy with it but regret I did not save money to the Logitech X56 instead...Never get enough buttons to this sim
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Well, the full sim modules can be interacted with the mouse. So it's easy enough to assign essential functions to the HOTAS even if it's relatively simplistic and supplement the mouse for secondary and tertiary functions. The FC3 aircraft can easily be put on a simple HOTAS and supplemented with keyboard commands (there are only a few dozen in total, including unimportant ones like lights, pressure adjust, etc)
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Enjoy your F/A-18C Lot 20 (if that's the module you actually want).
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Another option to supplement your hotas controls is the use of VoiceAttack . Very inexpensive and you can simply say "gear down" to drop the gear for example . If you are uncomfortable setting up the program , you can purchase a DCS setup here , again very inexpensively .

And I second the Hornet for the first module . Easy to fly , intuitive systems , very capable multi-role aircraft and able to operate from land or sea .
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I agree on the FA-18. It is a great plane. I first bought the A10 but was just blown away w/ all the computer setup stuff. I ran through one of the tutorials and had to look up so many terms, I gave it 2 weeks and bought the FA18. I started w/ a logitech stick w/ twist for rudder. I upgraded to a VKB Gladiator ($99) which is a wonderful stick w/ twist. But then I started carrier traps and found that one needs really fine throttle control so I bit the bullet and got a TM Warthog throttle ($240). It is quite expensive but is a really quality piece of equipment. It is what made carrier traps possible for me. I still use the Gladiator because I just am not interested in pedals and it is one of the few good sticks that also has twist for the rudder. Most others seem to assume that if you are going to spend that $ on the stick you will also buy pedals.
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1) if it's between the X52 and the X56, go with the X52. I heard the X56 struggles with build quality and has poor ergonomics. If you do decide you might consider something else, take a look at Thrustmaster. Especially the T16000M and the TWCS are excellent value. (And i'm usually a Logitech fanboy)

2) Considering you've already flown warbirds, you have a better understanding of flight dynamics than most beginners, so really you should take the plane you're most interested in. You might be able to get the fullest potential out of the F-5 quicker than the F-18, but that's just because the latter is way more complex and versatile. All said, the F-18 is an easy aircraft to fly, so I'm pretty sure you'd have no problem with it.
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Originally Posted by lepski View Post
2.) Should I start with the F5E, or should I just say screw it and jump to the F18C?

What? There are other planes besides the F-18??
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