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The F16 SSC "Stick" isn't quite identical to the A-10. There are a couple difference I am aware of. There may be more.
1) There is no CMS click on the F16. The F16 maps its buttons differently and only has 4 functions instead of 5 in the A10.
2) The F16 has an additional Paddle Switch behind the Pinky switch (The A10 NWS button) that is used to override the F16 Autopilot. This allows us to adjust the AP path/alt without flipping additional switches. The F16 TQS "throttle" does not have any Autopilot functions embedded.

Other that the Force-Sensing post, I know of no other differences. You could probably get away with the HOTAS Warthog controller and just swap the CMS click for the AP Override Paddle switch, but if you want maximum realism, look into the Thrustmaster Cougar, the F16 replica TM made over 20 years ago. They weren't made with Hall-Effect Sensors like the Warthog was so after all this time, it probably requires some investment, but I still love mine and won't fly a Viper with anything else...
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Drahkken, just a quick note. The HOTAS Warthog does have a paddle switch that the A10 stick does not normally have, this would mean the only difference between TMWH and SSC is the different shaped castle switch and the cms push.
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As an owner of a TM Cougar set, TM Warthog set and a real Blk40 HOTAS set I can tell you the that the Warthog Stick is closer to the real deal than the Cougar. Special point is the position of the pinky switch and the paddle switch.
With throttle the cougar grip offers more comfort, the real parts has very strickt up / down ways for the UHF switch for example. On the Thrustmaster Part you can switch from down to left in a fluid way.. with the real part you have to center the button and then go left…

So for PC simmers I would say following setup is best for DCS: F-16. A single Warthog stick and a old Cougar Throttle with the realsimulator USB connector I doe knot know exact how easy it is in DCS to assign DX buttons, but in BMS you can Programm the stick in this way within 30 seconds. No software needed at all. All the functions are give through the selected master mode…
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While I would love a Cougar throttle, I have a very functional setup for my TMW throttle in BMS which, I imagine, will be much easier to replicate in DCS. Can't wait!
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Originally Posted by =BJM= View Post
This seems like a good reason for me to finally upgrade to the Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS. Hopefully it goes on sale sometime between now and release.

not really. Just go to the Virpil. Many warthog user upgraded their stick to a Virpil base. I had 0 issues with my Warthog, and you can tell the 10 years between them. If you can find a Warthog grip, buy it, if not just buy everything from Virpil and be happy. Warthog is even more expensive then at release (crazy I know), and your experience will not be on par with the price.
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Well here fully loaded F16 cougar stick with throttle modded with pressure sensors hehe real deal and can’t wait for f16 this will be day and night pedal to the metal!! Or ready to burnnn!!
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Originally Posted by =BJM= View Post
This seems like a good reason for me to finally upgrade to the Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS. Hopefully it goes on sale sometime between now and release.
If it does it won't be much but there is nothing wrong with hoping
I bought it for , I think, 425 or 450 about 7 years ago and its still going strong and is the best HOTAS there is imo and well worth the money.

Here's a tip
If you buy on line the shipping cost can kill you as this thing is HEAVY so I bought it on Amazon , which was also the best price, and joyed Primes for a month (it was free) and got two day shipping for free.

One place I looked at had a great price but the shipping was freight and more then the HOTAS itself. lol
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Last Christmas I bought a new sealed TM Hotas Cougar, and it works really well, but I have heard that it ages badly.

My question is: Is there any upgrade available to the TM Cougar (hall sensors for the throttle...) or anyone knows where to find it? Did a little search and found nothing... Is there something still available? (a part from the throttle USB connection, which I don't really need)

Many thanks in advance,
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Hey 1987kess, have you seen this?
I've replaced the pots in my Cougar stick with the sensors from rel4y - not going to bother with the throttle as it works perfectly and has had very little use...
The magneto-resistive sensors in the stick are AWESOME - extremely accurate and smooth - much better than the original pots. But, I'm still using the original gimbal, which is only ok.
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So help me out here,,,,

I have a CH Pro Fighterstick, throttle and pedals,,,it works great with the P-51 F-86, F-5,,, OK with F-18 and A-10,,, now that the F-16 is in sight I was thinking of getting a thrust-master warthog throttle or maybe the stick too to use with A-10, F18 and now F-16.
Am I wasting my money or in good path?
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