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Originally Posted by Quadg View Post
whether the map is real or fictional, we will all put it to fictional use....
which means i don't care either way
This, for me. I love the maps we have, and appreciate the time and effort that goes into creating them but I've never flown over the Caucasus region in real life, or Nevada, or even Normandy, they could all be fictional maps and I wouldn't know any different. (Did grow up on the Isle of Wight though and the Normandy map representation of that is pretty poor! ).
So, yes, I would probably pay for fictional maps.

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Originally Posted by ESAc_matador View Post
The point is or should be: it is much easier to create a fictional 500x500 miles map, than recreate real ones. Arent people asking for tools like Create airports?? Buildings??

Arent guys making its own TACAN or Beacons?? it is not that difficult to make your own charts... i dont feel it is nonsensical at all. in fact, In our squadron, we added couple of TACAN in northern Caucasus... Or made our own aproximation Charts for certain airports.

Again... because I dont know how to make a poll... (mentioned already twice).


If realism is what bothers you... I wonder, how do you play then in Normandy with our spits or Bf109K... There is a good mixture of airframes, which is really "unrealistic". If think, that if you make a concession, by flying a "fictional" war, why are you so bother by flying a fictional map. IF you bring A10s to Caucasus, it is as much fictional as any new map. A fictional war (which is what all Campaigns are about) in a fictional land, does not affect the realism of an airframe or the simulation. There are other really good simulators (ground) that explored fictional maps, and people are more than happy with that. I am really surprised actually with most of the answers!

I would prefer to get few maps every year, between realistic and not. Than one every3 years...

In any case, thank god, in case there are fictional maps, you can take or leave it at will.
So you'd be able to create a sectional chart, with all the terrain features, airport approach plates, elevation details and all the other essentials for VFR as well as IFR navigation?

Nothing to do with reality, just about making use of real world data to fly realistically on a DCS World map. Check out all the documentation easily available on-line for pilots.

I can't see creating a fictional map would be any less labour intensive than taking real relief scans and making them into usable terrain.

Regarding the polls - just scroll down to the bottom of the window when you create a new thread. The poll stuff is all pretty self explanatory - unlike how terrain and maps work together work it seems!

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Wow!!! That would be interesting scenario!!

Day Z with platoons? Ahah
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NO, absolutely not.
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Not interested in fictional maps either.
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Wouldn't mind it, it's all fiction at the end of the day anyways.

What we really need though is a ma tha is war torn and not pristine like Caucuses, Nevada, or Normandy.
We need something like a Vietnam setting (or modern) with bomb craters, bombed out infrastructure, etc. That way you actually feel like your flying over a warzone and not taking an afternoon joyride.
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Originally Posted by Quadg View Post
whether the map is real or fictional, we will all put it to fictional use....
which means i don't care either way

a post nuclear war map could be fun.. blown down forests, smashed cities and craters.
think post nuclear war survival in helicopters and planes.. killing each other for each others beans.
I honestly was going to reply "NO" until I read this. That sounds like it would be a very interesting map.
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No...would not buy them or use them even if free.

Thing is....Zuckerberg is definitely an Alien... Some Kind of Grey Hybrid

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ED and its third party developers will HAVE to provide more maps in the future. A lot of people are sick of the Caucasus region. Sure 2.5 will look good and all...but its the same map that we've been playing for years.

What we need are maps based on real life conflict zones like the middle east (Iraq, Syria, Iran, etc), Afghanistan, parts of Africa, etc and possibly even past combat zones eg. Vietnam, Korea, etc. Yes i know we're getting the gulf map, but i can't for the life of me understand why the focus so much on the friggin buildings (like they did with the NTTR map highlighting all of las vegas) when its a combat sim and we're fighting bad guys with heavy armour, etc.

*EDIT* Oh and my answer is YES
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