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Originally Posted by Fri13 View Post
And hopefully the AI will get the same flight modeling limitations as human players has, so no more SFM to them and us the different.
Or, even if that's not possible due to keeping things reasonable frame-rate wise, at least the AI limits should make things more worthwhile when fighting the them!

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I think new Damage model + AI blackout would be enough.
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I believe the goal is to get them on an equal playing field with the player.
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Excellent news!
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I dont think having the AI using the same FM as players will be wise, since it will cause massive CPU loads.

The current project treated here is more than enough (AI blackout and G limits)


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A human can in many cases sustain more G than the aircraft can sustain the angle of attack, corner speed or a maneuverability etc.

That is the problem with AI that they can pull maneuvers and do things that doesn't let you to shake them off, never them being near the G-lock.

And then again human can learn when G-lock happens and can push to their limits the airframe, and try to simulate that in a different scenarios.

The AI neither doesnt seem to have reflexes or do such mistakes that humans would do to allow you shake them off in simple terms, yet they do some stupid moves time after time like go vertical and get shot.

So great we get the G limitations, and we just need to wait that GPU is taken to simulation calculation as assistant if possible.

Of course if SFM can be improved by giving more limitations when something shouldn't be possible... That is enough then as long we get better AI.

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That's great news, I hope they will implement it soon.

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This is very exciting news. The difference between what ai and players can do is so extreme, I'm glad to see some effort is being made to get this closer. While using the same DM for ai is totally impractical, so some disparity will always exist, getting the performance closer will greatly enhance single player missions.
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Much welcomed news considering multiplayer is a joke to join in VR and all the servers are "dynamic" template driven F10 text spammers lagged by silly scripts these days.

But... how exactly does an AI with lost consiousness level out to 1G?
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No more news about this?
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