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Default MFD’s in VR

The screens look quite set back in the cockpit and quite small

Are they readable in VR? how do they compare to the F18 in terms of legibility ?
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Since Waggs has mentioned that this cockpit will be optimized for VR I am sure it will come down to your VR headset. CV-1 Rift might not be able to read anything without zooming in (like the current jets) A reverb, I bet its going to be just fine..

Also take into consideration the pilot view perspective can be be changed and will be different based on each user..
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I think what you're seeing is a video where Wags has a wider FOV for the 2D monitor. Just from my experience switching between 2d and VR, I see this often. Where I'm a little far from the front console (in hornet or hawg) while in 2d, but feel right at home in the VR.

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Originally Posted by =Panther= View Post
..... right at home in the VR.
Is that kinda the same as when you post stuff 'on the line'?
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From what I can see on the 2D monitor videos I think it will be just fine, whether in a CV1 or an Index. From what I can see and based on my experience with the Hornet I think it will be much better. Also, before I purchased my Index I saw an increase in visual clarity with my Rift. This was after the optimizations came out. While many people did not see improvement most CV1 users did; for a while anyway. Apart from that, the Viper MFD's are much less busy than the DDI's in the Hornet. Lastly, the seat in the Viper is raked back 30 degrees and your eyes are more inline with the MFD's which will keep you in the sweet spot in VR.
After flying the Viper in another sim for 20 years on a 2D monitor, I can't freaking wait to be in the jet in VR.

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