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i find it helpfull to check the ball and keep it centered with rudder input because u dont get the feedback like in real life.
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Whew. A hard bird to fly, just began seriously learning her yesterday while enjoying a couple of New Year ales. Anyway, on takeoffs you REALLY need to keep that tailwheel locked until you've got the airspeed for the tail and the rudder, or it all ends in pirouettes and tears I found And on landings as well; lock that tailwheel ASAP or suffer the consequences.

I bought the D9 on day one, but never got around to actually flying her until now. Didn't know what I missed because she's a bloody work of art, pretty and deadly at the same time! So thank you ED for this magnificent piece of good old German (and ED) engineering
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Finally getting a handle on handling this bird on the ground and on takeoff. Reading so many posts in this massive thread did help but I think some hurt, too I'd like to share what worked best for me and what didn't.

Taxi: The first big revelation is that the tailwheel locks as it passes through center (with stick held aft). I had so many problems swinging left and right wildly with the toebrakes trying to make it go straight until I figured out getting it mostly straight, locking the tailwheel, then waggling left and right until the tailwheel passed through center. THEN it locked. I taxi now mostly with the tailwheel locked, only unlocking to make large turns.

Takeoff: I've seen so many different methods on this thread. Lock the tailwheel; don't lock the tailwheel; rudder; toe brakes. First off, taking off with unlocked tailwheel (and full power from brakes) was disastrous for me. I tried "dancing" on the pedals as suggested, and I felt like I kept the plane mostly straight, but when it lifted up it flipped upside down on me! The second time I tried it, I went right onto the grass with too little rudder authority to fix things at 70 kph or more, and crashed.

here's what does work: Align the plane straight down the runway slowly and gently, lock the tailwheel, then brake to a stop. Run up to max power and let go of the brakes, keeping the stick full aft and tailwheel locked. Almost immediately I feel I have some rudder authority for small lineup corrections if needed. Right rudder is most often needed. At 100kph, bring the stick back to center. At 150 - 170, the plane starts to get light on its own, and also begins rolling left. So put in right stick to counter that. By 200kph, the plane takes off on its own. That's it. Actually fairly easy once I knew what to expect and when. Feels consistent and safe.

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Originally Posted by kengou View Post's what does work: ...
Works for me too
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