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I've made an interesting discovery tonight. This time, my pilot was hosting. As usual from my RIO point of view, the wire was "glued" to the hook after our first landing.

First landing : First wire. Both our kneeboards says "Wire 1".
Second landing : Third wire. The pilot's kneeboard says "Wire 3", while mine says "Wire 1". The time of landing was exactly the same for both kneeboards.
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This isn't a MP only issue, I've experienced a stuck hook two or three times in SP (out of maybe 20 traps). Raising or lowering hook doesn't release it. Got it to release one time by taxiing back to approach side of boat, other time had to exit game.

EDIT: Just flew a virgin mission for some other bug testing, just me and an empty boat. Got the stuck hook on every single trap, probably five times in a row. Had to exit mission each time.
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Several of us have recently experienced this. Any thoughts/suggestions?
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I hope this gets fixed when ED's and HB's new carriers are released.
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This is still happening to me on the F-18 seemingly randomly (three times now). If I stop it seems ok but if I try to tax it starts pulling me back and almost made me hit a parked plane. Single player Instant Mission on the Stennis. Raising and lowering the hook wasn't releasing it.
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