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Originally Posted by shagrat View Post
Remediation of issues encountered while testing in a public beta in 1 to 2 workdays, sounds pretty darn great to me...
Nope they working weekends.

No one should work 'crunch time' just because of a bad release schedule.
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I had major issues playing old missions[made pre-ob patch] but playing instant action missions seems to be NP at all? This is in SP I should say.
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Originally Posted by AG-51_Razor View Post
I just returned home from a business trip and have yet to DL and install the most recent update. Is it better to wait and just install the next update, or should I go ahead and install this update and then the next fix?
I myself have had no issues, however obviously just from reading this thread that are many that do.
It is a very large update, as there is another coming later in the week might be worth just waiting.
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While there are several issues with comms, alpha textures, effects and tweaks to the new lighting model as well as performance I am fairly certain ED will iron those out in the next few updates. Sadly this kind of progress in the base engine has to be made at a cost. It'll pay off in the long run.
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Major frame rate drop in VR here. Near dubai mostly, but still its going from stable 45fps to like 25-29 in 2.5.6. This is offline with 1 other unit on the map (faar away).
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other than slow load times my VR is running at 40-80 averaging more towards 55 -65. That is in Single Missions and I have the new SSLR turned on. I have a fairly high end system. No stuttering encountered so far.

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Originally Posted by SmirkingGerbil View Post
Night looks fantastic, but it did seem to me, that smaller cities (though the lighting looked great) had a rectilinear box around them, without the soft hazing of light as it diffuses over distance.
I think because in DCS, building lights aren't really light sources. They're really just textures.
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Originally Posted by kontiuka View Post
I think because in DCS, building lights aren't really light sources. They're really just textures.
Yep, that's exactly it. Not the best solution, but maybe in the future ED is able to update the engine to allow more realistic lighting across the board.

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Originally Posted by Loribo View Post
Thanks for the link draconus. So I guess with the new sound structure using mods now is not that easy/straight forward. I wonder why ED changed that

I'll try the saved games folder trick as someone suggested in that thread...
Probably just because of that. It's just like with the views.lua where we could set our own FOV range. Banned on IC for quite a while now.

I'm lucky that I just exchanged a few sound files that are inside the Mods / CoreMods folders. But for how long?

Originally Posted by BIGNEWY View Post
We will have another patch later in the week also

thank you
I just hope this will fix my black screen...
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Originally Posted by 112th_Rossi View Post
Nope they working weekends.

No one should work 'crunch time' just because of a bad release schedule.
Jepp... Friday patch came out, Saturday going over the feedback and start looking for root causes, Monday after 2 days(!) Steam release fixed. Likely another hotfix this week, so I think the response time is pretty awesome?

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