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Default Option to skip mission

I'm on mission 11 and it was a great campaign so far!

But mission 11 is impossible... when the helicopters don't shoot me down, the last couple of a-10s refuse to taxi. On the way to the target the a-10s sporadically make some abrupt climbs making it difficult to follow them. And for no apparent reason my wingmen seem to lock me.

...and now, on my seventh (I think) attempt, a wingman shot me down while I was engaging the couple of enemy planes.

Perhaps all of the above are due to my extraordinary bad lack on this mission, but I really don't feel like going through it all again. It would be nice to have an f10 command to skip it right from the beginning of the mission... I just want to see what happens on the next ones
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John C Flett
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There is a way to edit the campaign file but I find the easiest way is just play missions through the mission editor.

I've had too many issues with broken triggers and the only thing you'll lose is a campaign count in your log. Also has the advantage that you can jump back into favourite missions any time you want.
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Hey - affraid there is some new bug with taxi logic (sigh). But there also is option to edit LUA file. Or set yourself to „invincible” in options
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To be honest, playing a campaign through the mission editor kind of ruins the immersion for me. And provided that I have open beta installed (because of all the latest fixes for the mirage), bugs are to be expected. But still I think that an option to skip the mission would be nice for cases like this mission.

Anyway, I may not be a good pilot but I am stubborn and after a few more tries I made it through all bugs and difficulties.

And Baltic, since you're here, may I say how much I appreciate your work: high fidelity planes are good, but with your work DCS achieves another much higher level of immersion. Thank you and keep up the good work!

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FYI (sorry for the necro but it's in case someone is stuck too) : for taxi, you need to wait a bit after the F10 radio call trigger pops up and really press space *at the fragged taxi time*. It gives enough time for the 3rd A10 group to take off in front of you, otherwise they get stuck or never catch up.
Otherwise it's doable, even if the gazelles are tough opponents ! Select flares (preset # and drop a lot of them !

HTH, Buzz.
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