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Originally Posted by Roblex View Post
re we sure the B17s gunners are fixed? I did not see it in the changelog and today I watched PhilStyle fly a Third Reich Spitfire up behind a formation after the update and they did not shoot back.

yup they shoot back, its not perfekt but hey
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Server seems to be down.
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yes. server is down
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Hi gents,

here something i wrote about a test on Storm of War with the gunners from the B-17, maby this helps the mapmakers to get the gunnersettings right. Of curse the gunnersettings depents on what the server wants, easy targets or need the pilot who is atacking his brain:

Philstyle, Mauf and me did some testing on the gunners from the B-17 on a fast Mission from Philstyle.
We tested two settings, at the first one the gunners where on exelent, the second setting was a mix of
exelent in the leading planes of the formation and the rest where set to veteran. Even when there will be lots of
wineing about how strong the gunners are, i would say from the view of a german pilot, they are better than expected
and the make it not easy to atack them.

How they react:

1) every atack from 4 - 8 a clock at the same level or in a slight dive at high speed, they will get you and kill your plane or
the pilot. An atack from high six with a dive with about 60 - 70 degrees at high speed is possible.
2) atacking from 10 - 2 a clock or level from 12 a clock is the best way to atack the bombers. Also atacking from
9 or 3 a clock high, low or same level is the save way.
3) You can also survive to be complet in the formation, as long you dont fly for 1 second straigt and level, 1 second and
you are death.
4) Looks like the gunners open fire at about 500m, so you could come in on the death six, open fire at 600m and try to
kill a bomber. Yes you can try it , but this will happen: At 500m you hear the gunners start making hits on you,
at 300m your plane is on fire and your pilot is death.
5) Also it looks like the gunners cant track the atacker if he comes in on a high angle and high speed, so the angle and
the leed the gunner needs to hit, change to fast for him to calculate, or the gunturrets cant move so fast.

Hopefully Phil can post something more about this test in better english, so all is right said.

I personally would change a thing on the settings we testet, makes the pilot to use his brain if he want to atack the bombers and the noobs that try the easy way will be killed faster than they can say ....... . Even when the new DM is coming, i would not change the gunners. It was a dangerus thing to atack a B-17 combat box and hard to shot down a bomber.


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