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Default MP mission :The Tanks of August



This time we are part of a small NATO contingent that participates in "unofficial" Georgian air operations: to distinguish on the battlefield the ground means friends and enemies (identical) has been agreed with HQ that "allies" ground units of Georgia launch green flares to be recognized: do not engage them!!!

A short story of the FACTS referred to by the mission:

GUFTA BRIDGE: The Georgians during the first days tried to attack with Su25 the Bridge of Gufta , vital for the long columns of vehicles and men that Russia immediately rushed from the Roki Tunnel in aid of South Ossetia: they failed to destroy the bridge, also because the Georgian Su25 used unguided bombs and their shots were unspecified.
In the following days, Russia also intervened its air defenses by placing a SHILKA to defend the bridge, but it mistakenly shot down a Russian Su25!!!

RUSSIAN PEACEKEEPER COMPOUND: South of Tskhinvali near the Georgian border was a Russian military outpost , to serve as an interposition force in the event of an attack in Georgia. In the early days of the war it was attacked by artillery and surrounded by Georgian ground forces, but it held up to the waves of attack of the first days until the arrival of the Russian reinforcements. In the multiplayer mission we have inserted a flight of UH1H that must land inside the Russian Compound, once all ground units are destroyed by the F18 (Green Flag)

BATTERY OF ARTILLERY: From above it was an advantageous position, but it was also in full view of the Georgians who attacked it with their artillery inflicting considerable losses. In our simulation it is the task of some F18: to hit the ground units on the hill.

DJAVA FARP/ARMY BASE north of the South Ossetian capital the Russians have built a helicopter base, also placing a nearby hospital. From that base, Mi-8 and Mi-24 helicopters departed for the battlefield. In our case the base is a WAREHOUSE that continuously spawns vehicles and helicopters...

BOMBERS FORMATIONS: In those days many flights were carried out by Russia which used TU22M3, SU24M and SU25 to attack Georgian radars, communication centers, military and civilian airports. The Su25s, on the other hand, provided close support to ground troops, sometimes mistakenly striking Russian vehicles on the battlefield. In our mission there are 3 waves of bombers with escort, plus other randomly generated fighters and bombers.


- Each scenario that is completed (all objectives must be destroyed) is reported with a message: if you successfully execute all scenarios, a successful message of the mission appears.

- Autolase JTAC - messages do NOT appear automatically, if you want to use the JTAC you need to display its targets via the radio menu (F10 other - JTAC STATUS). The JTACs have the name of the area they fly over (e.g. JTAC_Gufta , JTAC DJAVA ... )

- There may be some WAREHOUSEs that continue to spawn vehicles : in tihis mission there are only one red and one blue ones that regularly send infantry and light vehicles to BATTLEZONE)

- There may be enemy aircraft that are slammed randomly (plane-type-skill of the pilot)

- You always have a tanker and awacs available, in case of shot-down respawn automatically

- If you go into the F10 view you don't see anything even your plane, it's a good idea to set up the TACAN of the departure airport and use the available wayponts as a reference.

- In the mission there are sounds that signal every SHOT by blue planes (fox1-2-3, rifle, bombs gone etc etc) and also the launch of SAM , even those looking for heat: if you hear a voice that says "Sam launch, sam launch..." do well to worry!!!

Have a good flight and have fun...
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