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+1, I have no workaround for this without a full rebind of my Hornet controls, would be great to have this as a configurable option
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Originally Posted by ckelly14 View Post
I’m glad you’re doing great. I think the Mavs are a WIP at best and unplayable at worst. I’m going to try the keyboard commands for slewing as my TDC joystick is uncontrollable. Rarely getting a lock even when right over the target.

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I was doing fine before TDC press became mandatory, now the cursor jumps all over the place, the sensitivity is too strong and I can barely lock onto any target either in white hot or black hot. Wish they'd put it back to the way it was.
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2 weeks
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Having to depress the TDC button on my TM WH throttle is a no-go. Impossible to control the crosshair position while that button is depressed, apart from the impossible haptics. I had to re-assign a button on my joystick to that function.
It's still very awkward to move the crosshair around but at least it's feasible after I reduced the Y-Saturation for both axes to 10%. ED cannot improve the precision of my TM WH slew controller, but at least they can make it to work as well (that doesn't mean really good!) as with the A-10C. I sure hope they will come up with something. And if they could make this work without depressing a button, that would be even better.
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Default Mav slew TDC on axis with TM Warthog throttle mini stick


i have the following problem with slewing of the TDC cursor @TM Warthog throttle analog axis ( the mini stick ) ...

while this horizontal and vertical axis works fine in the AA radar ( up and down / left and right),
these axis are working on MAV screen in diagonal directions ...

this is a little bit confusing my finger coordinations

please have a look
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Not even the Warthog gets it done with 1 button only although it was multiple slew sensor that can be pressed aswell. It just doesnt work.
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Warthog with a modded TDC button is the answer.
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That's A answer.
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I agree with folks here. While I truly and deeply appreciate every single step from ED towards realism, the real throttle in the F-18 probably has a much finer and precise slew control than the "nipple" that we get in the warthog throttle, which is not even representative of the real slew switch in the Warthog.

An option in the misc tab would be the best way to satisfy all of us here.
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My slews were just fine as well,,, except for the AGM-65F also,,, so your not alone. I tried to make some curves etc for it, but it did not seem to impact the AGM-65F. WIP I suppose?
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tdc, warthog hotas

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