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There are no Plans for YAK-52 w/ Weapons as far as I know.
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Lets see an image of a Yak52 with weapons on and airborne

Having flown a YAK52 with just small little external fuel tanks on (mod) ... I can only imagine one with weapons would be a real dog
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Ivan, how have you found it so far?

I flew a few times today and feel the engine performance at 70/70 and 80/80 is a little off with the engine sound? Feels like at 80% its like it is at 70% irl.

The amount of left rudder needed in the sim on take off at full power feels a little small. A lot more rudder needed irl.

Is there a smoke switch in the cockpit? I couldn't find it.
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Як-52B incoming!

(Seriously though, can someone please make a mod of this? )


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I SECOND this.... Please, Please with SUGAR on top man☺
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I don't think this AC has a code-level (DLL) weapon interface, so there's nothing to hook up the pods with.
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