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Hrm...i have been waiting for this for a long time as well, and have always been under the impression that ED really intends FC3 and standalone modules to be perfectly equivilant.

I just wonder, what would be the selling point if standalone guys needed to buy this? By the same logic, the Mig-29 variants, at least the german Mig-29g should be there own module. And only a handful of people would buy that in addition to the Mig-29A or S. This sort of thing does not seem to earn a lot of money but might rather leave a sour taste in a lot of users mouths.
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Originally Posted by uboats View Post
Sorry for late reply. Quite busy with JF-17 dev.

At the very beginning, we thought just a simple avionics duplicated of Su-27 for J-11A is fine, then asked ED to add it into both FC3 and dedicated Su-27 pack. Now we have had 11A flyable in FC3, but unfortunately no more update for Su-27 pack .

Later we thought we could make some modification for 11A avionics, so we applied for the dev and the contract negotiation is still in progress. Therefore I don't know what's ED's plan for 11A as a dedicated pack or part of Su-27 pack. Due to NDA, I cannot share more info.

If I have updated info that I can share, I will definitely let you guys know. Personally, I'd like to see J-11A released not only in FC3 pack for those non-FC3 owners.



Is there anyway for us to purchase j11a on its own? I also own all the fc3 aircraft with exception of su25 and a10a. I don’t really want to pay for the fc3 pack just to pickup the r77. I’d gladly toss ten bucks your way to pickup the j11.


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I understand all your cries.... I personally choose to get FC3 in sales than buy each of them... but first i allready buy Su27 and 33 on steam at the time... Then took FC3 on Standard... So i 'lost' my 27 and 33... Now ED allow me to get them back but in same time i waste my money and only can try to give them to a friend.

Things changes..... Same for J11A... If you have a 15buck weekly for gaming... then spare it for 2/3 weeks and buy it in FC3...
If not... wait and see. I personally wait for Aviodev C101 and Mirage F1 (most of all)... Well if i was that much impatient... i would have quit dcs for a long time. Same for F14. or other planes.

I got a more reasonable question. I read... That after J11A you were planning to get J11 rework. Is that mean we could maybe get 1) Full click J11A 2) FC3 J11A and Another version fully click?
I was just curious... Anyway can't wait for JF17 this summer A bit sad it's no block 2 so no A/A refuel but still really nice work and WAYYYYYY more sexier than F-Uggly-16 Keep going and i will wait mastering my F18, A10C and F14 ;p
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So I take it the Su-27 pack owners will not see a J-11 any time soon?
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Originally Posted by TaxDollarsAtWork View Post
So I take it the Su-27 pack owners will not see a J-11 any time soon?
I'm afraid so.

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