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Default VGD Devices UTC Mk II+ - professional wireless TrackClip Pro alternative

When Track Clip Pro is not enough...




... UTC

UTC Mk II (discontinued)


Technicall specification:

- Completely wireless 3 IR LED tracking clip.
- Fully working with TrackIR (as an alternative for TrackCLip or TrackClip Pro).
- Fully working with Free Track, FaceTrackNoIR or OpenTrack.
- Smooth flexible resin case.
- Same case - 3 different battery types - choose the one that suits you best (see below).
- Guarantee real working time.
- Compatible with almost every model of bigger headphones.
- Left/right headphone mounting with sticky velcro, double-sided foam tape or zip ties - choose yourself*.
- 3x high quality IR LED 120°. High angle LED means you'll faster break your neck than loose tracking. Use at your own risk, medical insurgance not included.
- Powered by brand li-po battery.
- Built-in charger. Charging from any USB port with attached micro USB - USB cable. Note that you can still play while battery is charging. Charging status is marked by 2 LED on casing.
- Built-in switch.
- Built-in module to ensure constant voltage for all time of battery life. No nominal voltage drops = the same bright LED all the time = perfect tracking of your head.
- Contains double battery protection module - protects battery from voltage drops <3V and another one built-in in battery circuit.
- Gorilla package - triple protection of your parcel - bubble wrap => cardboard box => bubble envelope

Due to recent law changes in my country, that hit whole electronic market, UTC prices will need to raise significantly starting from now.
Prices include now VAT 23% and payment commission (Paypal/ bank transfer) like currency conversion etc.
Just to clarify - this cash doesn't go into my pocket. I'm still trying to keep them at lowest possible level.

- 19h working time
- 1600 mAh battery
- 55g weight
- 225 PLN (approx. 60 USD)

UTC II+ (regular)
- 11h working time
- 1000 mAh battery
- 45g weight
- 200 PLN (approx. 53 USD)

UTC II+ Light
- 8h working time
- 650 mAh battery
- 35g weight
- 190 PLN (approx. 51 USD)

UTC II+ wired
- 3m USB cable permanently attached (may be longer if needed)
- 20/70 g weight (without/ with cable)
- 125 PLN (approx. 33 USD)

*Please note - when used with TrackIR, UTC must be placed at the left side of your headphones.
TrackIR software is not working correctly with Track Clip Pro attached at the right side of headphones.
TCP is designed to be mounted only at left side. Otherwise TIR software can go crazy - it's not designed for right side mounted clips.
That's why UTC must be placed at the left side of headphones (same as Track Clip Pro).

UTC comes with piece of strong sticky velcro.

Shipping worldwide via Polish Post or UPS.

Priority registered letter (Polish Post)
18,3 PLN (~5 USD) all over the world - cheapest solution, but still usually arrives faster than standard parcel.

Economical postal parcel (Polish Post)
32 PLN (~9 USD) - Czech Republic, Slovakia
52 PLN (~14 USD) - Germany
56 PLN (~15 USD) - France, UK
57 PLN (~15 USD) - USA

Priority postal parcel (Polish Post)
34 PLN (~9 USD) - Czech Republic, Slovakia
66 PLN (~18 USD) - Germany
70 PLN (~19 USD) - France, UK
81 PLN (~22 USD) - USA

EMS (Polish Post)
104,55 PLN (~28 USD) - Czech Republic, Slovakia
147,6 PLN (~39 USD) - rest of the world (may not be available for some regions)

For other countries not mentioned above ask for detailed shipping cost.

Contact via PM or vgddevices@gmail.com

Payment via PayPal or direct bank transfer.

User photos:

AKG K702 with a specially designed holder

Official review of UTC Mk II by Sim UK


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Looks like trackhat plus... $40 seems good... I'd be curious what shipping to the US is as a comparison.

I think the Trackhat clip plus was $80 when all was said and done...

My only complaint is the circuit board was hot glued to the battery and came undone... I had to open it up and gorilla glue it so I could plug in the usb cable again... for $80 I expexcted a lot better, but it otherwise works fine.
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nice work ! gl with it!

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Looks great to me, what would the P&P to Sweden be?
The wireless device is my personal favourite, enough cables as is already

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I saw trackhat products... few months after I finished my clip. So despite similar shape - these are 2 different products... plus my cost half the price and works 2x time longer.

UTC is made by hand but but with care of details, so it won't break after few uses. Don't throw him everyday and it will works for many years.

Shipping to US and Sweden are similar. About $15 via standard package, or...
$5 if sent by registered letter, good enough? If package correctly and put in bubble envelope, there's now way it could be broken. I sent this way many electronic stuff over my country and never came broken.
Both are sent via Polish Post.

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Looks something I'd be happy to velcro on the side of my headphones... the less cables the better.

When do you start taking orders?
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I've already stared
I've got one spare clip ready to shipping, more will come... if there will be interest.
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It looks great and sturdy enough. Good job!
My own DIY emitter and the floor are old buddies and it's 6 years old now. But I want to get rid of that cable. Bad. ^^

It's a very good thing you have several weight/battery life options.
I also like the fact you didn't put any bulky "universal" fixation system. There are so many different headsets around I'd prefer modifying your emitter to my liking.

I'd be interested in the lighter version (650 mAh/25 g). "You've got a mail"
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Looks great! I'm seriously considering it.
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Great to hear that you like it.

@Bourrinopathe - actually it was the whole idea - do not mount any fancy system to fix UTC to headphones.
If it has to be universal, let anyone install it as he wants.
As you said, there're already so many headset models on market, that can't be done so easilly with one "universal" fix system, eg. Track Clip Pro.
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