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I think it's somewhere between early access and complete, too much left to be finished to call complete. Let's call it Purgatory.
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Utterly quiet it sneaked into the store window...

Next in line: AV-8B ?
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I think you mean Beta+. All the good wishes of Release and none of the responsibility, "It's still a 'Beta'".

OH! LooK at the pretty video...
Implement CW and CCW keyboard commands for the encoders!!!!!
For all that is holy and right with the world please!

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Originally Posted by jojo View Post
Can I tell you how irritating is your signature?
Each time I have to read your signature take 1/3 of the screen...
LOL for real! Anyone with an obnoxious signature like that, User Lists > Add to Ignore List! Fixed! :-)

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Or report his signature (see forum rules)
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Yes, but you see, I just asked and he was kind enough to edit his signature.
So everything is fine.
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