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Default Credit for Ranger 79

Well I first came into contact with Ranger 79 using his mods then saw he was working on the campaign Piercing fury which I’ve watched the YouTube video for and went and bought it today as apart of my summer sale purchase. I hope he continue to create missions, campaigns, and mods with static objects for us learning the mission editor.
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+1 for all his work and his dedication.

(and for the fixes provided )

I was stuck on mission 6 because of a change in the code regarding triggers of groups. Looks like I have a similar issue in mission 8 in 2.5 stable version. (or I'm just so dumb that I can't find that target )

In both cases, I really appreciate a lot the efforts to put something credible, with the voiceover, etc. It's one of my 2 favorites author (with Baltic_Dragon )
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Missions fixed and sent to DCS / ED

Patch Notes:

Mission 08: Removed some trees blocking target view
Mission 14: Removed trees, adjusted AI helicopter landing logic, adjusted enemy vehicle waypoint logic
Mission 15: Removed trees along main road, fixed friendly helicopter landing / timing, and bomb in zone for bridge trigger (GBU-12) added

Tested the mission multiple times, good to go!
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I got a little bored with DCS yesterday and went ahead and bought this campaign.
I've only played the first two missions, but HELL YES! Loving it! Well done Ranger79! Hoping to see more campaigns from you! You and Baltic Dragon should merge into one great DCS campaign superhero!
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M-2000C RED FLAG (more info) (trailer)
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Yeah, to be honest, can't wait for either one of yous twos story driven campaigns for the Hornet, once that is feature complete.
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