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Originally Posted by carss View Post
Ok thanks. How long would the C-101 take , just curious if that's ok. And I'm mainly asking so we know when the Mirage F-1 will be continued.
I know as much as you but I'll guess we'll see the C-101CC in the next couple of months and the advanced flight model sometime this year although it will continue to need tweaking for a while. DCS development tends to go slooooow.
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CC variant of C-101 will most likely come out during Q2 this year, and (under a speculation of work from other 3rd party devs) the F-14 may be announced till' then. Fortunately we have the F-18 to look forward to this Spring.
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Originally Posted by frodrigues2016 View Post
Isnt the Mirage F1 just another version of the Mirage 2000C...so why isnt done yet?
This guy is the original designer of the Eurofighter Typhon, show some respect to his very true statement.


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