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Originally Posted by Harlikwin View Post
Honestly kinematics is probably the one thing that can be modeled vaguely accurately. Its more things like guidance laws, ECCM effectivness, seeker performance that are the more important things when it comes to missiles and overall those aren't modeled well for most missiles in DCS at this point IMO.

I agree with you, having them do all the CFD work with the same team/program should help to eliminate bias. Even if the result is not completely "accurate" to RW the missiles will be accurate with relation to each other in Sim from a purely aerodynamic standpoint. Which is a step in the right direction.

As far as actual effectiveness goes though, your also right, I think a huge misconception on these forums is that Kinematics is the most important aspect with regards to actual PK and IRL its probably the least important.

For meteor again, That's great that it can touch me at the ranges they publish, and I believe it. But the real question is, how well can it see me at pitbull with such a huge RTR zone? Does the seeker work good enough in a heavy EW environment? What kind of database of RF threats does MBDA have to incorporate into the weapons counter countermeasures? How vulnerable is it's datalink to Jamming? How effective are it's degraded modes? Your going to run into at lot of questions like that before we get into how Fast? how High? ect. kinds of questions.
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