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As for the discussion above I'll throw in my 2 cents

first and for most balence is up to the mission makers not the Devs simple as that however as for the plane.

TrueGrit's CEO has already said that whatever is on the Typhoon he wants to model. For example he plans to model the AIM-132 ASRAAM once the German stuff is almost complete as well as seeking interest in adding thrust vectoring "as soon as Boeing brings the technology out of it's basement" by which he means it being put on a stock standard aircraft out of the factory. With Boeing's new Tranch 4 set to do that if they can get the info on it, it seems they want to try and add it.

Its defiantly going to be a frankin module similar to the JF-17 that is for sure. The F-14 is how it is in part to ED as HB wants to add their new missile API soon which for one means that the AIM-54 will be forced to go active after 15s rather then going active 15s before impact unlike other FOX 3s...meaning those 60-80nmi against players won't really happen anymore. Plus the AIM-54 is a anti bomber weapon meaning aside "magic INS" which is one of those ED issues its over all an easier missile to spoof then the AIM-120.

The Typhoon will have a different/more powerful effect from the F-14 for sure.

What the Meteor does is it brings together AIM-54 esk (or at least AIM-120 C7) ranges with AIM-120 guidance and ECCM making for truly quite a deadly weapon.

The IRIS-T means that assuming you some how get past the Meteor (which I'd take a bet only REDFOR pilots will be able to reliably to begin with given that is what they have to do already) you then have to deal with the IRIS-T which means even if you somehow get that close all he has to do is look over his shoulder and he can blap you with a missile.

Its safe to say assuming there isn't huge bugs on release this plane is going to be a challenge for anyone who isn't in a typhoon till they get used to it's abilities and how to counter act them.

The plus side? its blown a big hole in ED's "DCS Timeline" which limits many things to the 2005-2007 time frame which hopefully means in the future we could see more modern things for current planes (an example already is the new GBU-54 Laser JDAM for the A-10 can be ported over to the F-18 even tho it got it in 2012 which otherwise would be out of the time frame for that module/DCS.

Over all this plane will be interesting and I imagine a point of controversy in the DCS community over the next year or so with TrueGrit taking the stance of whatever they can find info on and was put onto the plane they'll add and with Russian laws for anything in service with the Russian airforce and being comparable to the Typhoon for REDFOR aircraft difficult at best to be made for DCS...

it will be interesting.

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