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Originally Posted by Mr_sukebe View Post
I've only recently moved from a 1080 to a 2070S. With the 1080, maintaining 40fps wasn't really a problem once I've tweaked some of the settings. There's plenty of guides around to point out the most critical settings, check those first.
what are your thoughts on moving?
is 2070 worthy?
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The 2070S is maybe 30% faster.
It was bought as much so that my son could have my 1080.
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Originally Posted by javelina1 View Post
here's my info. I do have my 9700k overclocked, plus the 1080 is bumped up a bit too... Also have taken into account 64GB's of RAM, (rather the configuration tool asked for that info).

Very good.

Since yesterday, I've done some more home work, I tested two configurations, with the Intel Core i7 9700K for comparison since I run an AMD motherboard and a Ryzen 7 2700X, both rated at 100%.

At 2160p/4K, the i7 gives me a slightly lower bottleneck percentage, at 1.79% vs 3.65%, higher than the Ryzen 5 2600X at 2.51%, but the Ryzen 7 runs some games slightly faster than both, or equally as fast than the i7...

Considering that the Ryzen 7 2700X cost <> 50% less than the i7-9700 at £174.99 and also have good head room for overclocking, I think I made the right choice going for AMD.

Now, my next move will be to get a 1080ti from CEX, they sell them for £510.00 and they are guaranteed 24 month, more to it, they can buy my actual 5500 XT for a £119.00 voucher, which I can use to purchase the ti from them.

£391 is a hell of a good deal for a ti 1080 11GB, CEX gear are often brand new, but in any case they are well tested and 2 years guaranty on top is very good.

So it was a good thing that blkspade gave me some insight on the performances of the card I intended to purchase first and the ti, This solution is just as cheap and will perform way better in VR.

Originally Posted by Mr_sukebe View Post
The 2070S is maybe 30% faster.
It was bought as much so that my son could have my 1080.

In a couple of years perhaps, when they'll be selling second hand, in the meantime let's hope that developers will have improved support for VR...
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