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Luft Waffel
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Default Pysical IFLOLS Brightness

I mainly fly in VR and on the supercarrier the physical IFLOLS ball indicator datum lights bloom out way to much with obstructs the meatball and I can't see the position of the meatball until I am more or less in-close. This wasn't nearly as much of an issue on the legacy Stennis carrier. I tried it on the flat screen and there weren't any problems with the lights blooming out and it seemed the lights were perfectly tuned for flat screen players rather than VR. I don't like using the overlay in VR because it ruins the immersion.

Perhaps a solution could be to add a brightness or light bloom setting to the datum and meatball lights in the Special tab of the settings along with a IFLOLS overlay toggle. At the moment at 3/4mile the meatball is just a big smear of light from all of the lights blooming into each other. It is slightly worse at night but generally unusable at any time of day. Again this is only an issue in VR and not on the flat-screen for some reason.
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I learned how to burn through this blob somehow. Like you said the ball was more clear on Stennis.
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This still isnt fixed yet?
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I don't see how anyone can fly the ball in VR (at least with a Valve Index) without using the IFLOLS overlay that pops up. I guess with the Reverb it may be possible, but I can't distinguish any usable information from the lights until I'm basically landing. On flat screen it's fine.
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