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Well, obviously there is a reason Dassault didn’t do it other than: “woah...didn’t think about that!”
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Originally Posted by DmitriKozlowsky View Post
Actually I meant belly side rails, not center rail, which is for fuel tank.
Yes I know about plumbing and electrics , G-limits, weight limits, NATO standards, and locks, to make weapon station compatible with particular weapon. But on M2KC , side-belly stations, should be able to carry air-air NATO missiles. Just as outer stations should be have IRIS-T and AIM-9 series available.
Here is an illustration from a high quality high fidelity model kit. Shows Mica on belly-side(or chin) stations. In DCS we have Mirage 2000-5, an old AI only. Perhaps its because RAZBAM does not have MICA-IR or MICA-R missile specs.

This model wrongly labels an AdLA Mirage 2000-5 for a C, the side belly pylons aren't integrated on the C and as far as I know, the MICA isn't integrated either.
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