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Default Allied WWII era anti air.

I for some reason believe we are getting the Qaud fifty on a half track. But I'm also aware that there were lots of singal water cooled .5 caliber anti air guns used by the U.S. I'm also aware that Britain used radar directed flack against the V-1s. Can we please get some smaller caliber AA WWII units.
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Originally Posted by FlankerKiller View Post
Can we please get some smaller caliber AA WWII units.

We have small calibre already (40mm + numerous MG armed units which fire at aircraft)

Allies need large caliber AA guns (above bofors size)
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In terms of AA? We only have the towed 40mm Bofors gun.

We're missing things like the M33 Twin mount and M45 Quadmount.

Ideally, it would be great to get them included on the M20 trailer, but also on M13/M16 MGMCs as well as CCKW-353s

You could even include later versions mounted on an M35 or M54 trucks.

There's a few others as well:
  • QF 3.7" AA Gun
  • 3" M3 AA Gun
  • 90mm M1/M2 AA Gun
  • 120mm M1 AA Gun
  • Crusader III AA Mk.I and Mk.II/III

Plus their associated fire-control systems, RADAR etc.
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