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I think "one" of the biggest limits of current non official mods is around the radio.
This places real limits on using mods in game, when you can't interact properly with AWAC, carriers, ATC , and AI planes.

Quote from one of the people that worked on the A-4E,

" that is it in a nutshell, carrier ops were the real issue, the rubberbanding on spawn meant we could not spawn at same time as Hornets or Tomcats,
lack of in-sim radio meant we could not interact with ATC, AWACS or the Boat, the need to use Easy Comm's led to problems with the Harriers in our org, and those are all a result of ED not sharing the SDK, the dev team here did a fantastic job and stretched the Scooter to the limits of what could be done with the tools available"
Maybe one day ED with make features like this avail to modders, without requiring the full SDK or some limited version, that does not require a commercial developer application.
NOTE: This is not about accusation, there are good reasons for the way things are, but I do believe "positive" discussion on this is healthy , and it may lead to some change in a good way for all.

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