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Default [FIXED]TDC Slewing with analog stick on the HUD not working properly

When I put my HUD as SOI in A-G Master mode and attempt to slew the diamond around to find a target via the analog stick it can't be used to move the diamond to the left or down.

It always goes either to the right or up.
It's also very janky.

When I use TDC keybinds on a hat switch it works with little issues but accuracy is left something to be desired.

Also gonna add this here so I'm not making another post ...

In regards to slewing Targeting Pod with an analog stick, it can really be janky sometimes, it does work and you can do it with little to no issues but ...
I don't know it's not really great so to say, it lags behind sometimes and sometimes it skyrockets and depending on how much you move the analog stick ... (It's not a smooth motion like other modules)


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I can't get analog slew to work at all. Have it bound to the ministick on my TWCS throttle. No movement at all. Using buttons or keyboard keys works fine.

edit: not sure if your issue is the same but I figured mine out. Analog slew only works if the radar is not in standby.
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fixed, will be in next update
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Just want to say that this is not fixed..
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Originally Posted by Kristoffer79 View Post
Just want to say that this is not fixed..

How do you know that? Patch is not out yet

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