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Originally Posted by aw33com View Post
I knew I could count on you
You made my day, I'm so happy.

I don't have PG so I took a break from DDCS and started doing this.
Never done 3d modeling, but I already started doing a model of a simple airplane. It's coming out, but I'm obviously improvising a bit.

Going to Florida in 6 days. Once I come back I'll finish the simple P-47 model. If it comes out I'll post and ask for advice on how to attack Su-22 modeling.

Thanks for now.
Happy to help! I don't know if all the manuals are there, but it's a start
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Originally Posted by aw33com View Post
I read his post and he says there is no interest in the project. Not sure what that means. No interest by clients to fly it?

If there is like few months of work left and Fragger could help me (explain stuff in English that is) along the way, maybe I could take it over. But only if the community is interested in it.

It would be a nice start for me before I go after SU-17.
I'd say there are plenty of people in the helo community that want to see it happen. At a guess he means there might not be an interested programmer to help make it happen. It sounds like whoever he had lined up to help him had his project at the bottom of their priority list while it was at the top of his list. At least that was my take on the whole situation.

Honestly I wouldn't underestimate the difficulty of making either a fixed wing or rotary platform for DCS especially the FM. And I bet Fragger already has documentation for the BO-105 in some language, and I bet its available somewhere in English as its a fairly common helicopter worldwide.
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