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Default Taking on too much at once

I mean this with the upmost respect but do you as the developers feel you have taken on too much at one time? You have the largest list of aircraft to be released, according to your forum, over 7 aircraft in the works, and one module always needing an update.

I preordered the Kittyhawk over two years ago and the response to its release is repetitive none the less. I understand snags and keeping up with ED and thier technology, but this seems to be a problem. I saw the thread where you offered no refunds for pre purchase through your website, and 99% of the time, I am on board with that train of thought, but two years and no product seems a bit unfair.

This is not a thread to slam VEAO but to try to gain a better understanding of the comapny and why our investment in you has been taking so long. I would much rather see a polished module than promise of 20 more. I hope to see the P-40 soon and not another were sorry thread.
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No, in short I do not think so.

The slightly longer version, We have a lot of people on staff, all bar one of them works on VEAO projects in their spare time. Out of over 40 on the books only 3-4 of them have major simultaneous cross over between projects.

Our teams have the resources to do what they need to do, possibly baring man hours.

Sometimes these things take as long as they take.

We decided to remove the P-40 from presale when the decision was made to move the module much further along the development process before offering “early access” – It is with these developments that most of the delay has come from, that and the obvious and well documented oddities that we experience. Just to be clear, every development house in the world gets these kind of issues.

But when something may take 40 man hours to fix in say expanding implementation of something, that 3-4 weeks work for one of our programmers and that implementation may or may not be expanding functionality and if it is not then it is generally bug fixing and hunting.

P-40 is coming along nicely and we will share a few more details with the next update. I have streamed it a couple of times in recent weeks so keep an eye out for those as/when I do them.

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