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That's why I posted. It seems that the engine rpm just isn't getting up to where it should be. And I know it's WIP. And am totally okay with that, just wanted to make sure and get the team aware Loving the flight model for the most part, and Can't wait for the first update!!
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Originally Posted by Bouli306 View Post
I just wanna clarify that the Engine limits are hard limits: So the stated 108% (+/- 1%) and 980 degrees (+/-10 degrees) are realtime limits. When a pilot is in AB or full military power he expects the engine to meet those limits. If the engine does not the pilot will go home and the engine is written up.
Originally Posted by Bouli306 View Post
Loadout would have nothing to do with engine RPM. Again the RPM should be 108% regardless of anything else.
The GE engine is just like the Pratt an twin spool engine. The core engines RPM is shown in cockpit (N2) the Fan RPM however is not shown but is limited by the DEC.
Trying to understand what your saying. In you experience, running the engine at max AB always get 108% RPM at FTIT 980°C? All the engine run I have done I looked obvious that those parameter where not exceeded, but I never got close. FTIT gets close on a pickle engine run (that first pickle Run does make you "pucker" a bit when you see how fast that FTIT rises) and you might have to motor once or twice, but never sen RPM reach close to the limit, unless you conciser 100% close. To me it would be 106% before I call it close.
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any news about this in the last update?
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