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I'm a complete noob to flight sims, i got MSFS2020 for free, so thats how i rolled in, bought me a simple Hotas (T16000M).

Then I discovered DCS, and oh boy, i became completely addicted, always had great interest in WW2 in general (living in Belgium is a gift regarding that interest) and especially the warbirds.

First modue i bought about a month ago was the BF109, had no idea what i was getting into, such a hard plane to handle, but on the upside, the systems are simple. Watched alot of BFM tutorials on youtube to get some base idea of how to fly and not just die every time i've encountered a bandit.

Last week i bougt my second module, the F16 Viper, what a beast, complicated, but so nice. I found the learning curve verry steep (again, i'm a complete aviation noob) but thanks to the Grim Reapers tutorials i'm starting to understand the basic systems. I'm now able to use the radar and weaponsystems in a basic way, but i'll need ALOT more time to master them and familiarize with the plane.

Anyway, i'm truely enjoying the learning proces and the game at whole.

Now i would like to buy a map, but i really don't know witch one to buy first, any suggestions? (to be honnest, i enjoy the Viper more than the BF)
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Originally Posted by Rons91 View Post
Now i would like to buy a map, but i really don't know witch one to buy first, any suggestions? (to be honnest, i enjoy the Viper more than the BF)
Hey, welcome to the forum.

Since the Syria map came out, I spend most of my DCS time over there. In my personal opinion, it's the most beautiful DCS map so far, with very different types of landscapes. Very versatile both in terms of fictional scenarios and real life conflicts. Plus, the F-16 is going to feel right at home there.

That is not to say the other maps aren't well done. I just enjoy the Syria map the most right now and would seriously consider it as a first add-on map.

The downside right now is that ED and the community mission designers have only just begun to create missions for that map, so you might find more missions and campaigns for the other maps. Then again, the free Caucasus map has the most free missions as far as I'm aware of, so you can always cycle between Caucasus and Syria. And the Mission Editor, albeit daunting at first, is a great tool to create your own training missions.
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Paver here, new to DCS. Picked up the P51 module and am getting acquainted with it. I've discovered I cannot fire rockets and I'm not sure why. Used the key board command with negative results. I can drop bombs, but firing rockets is a no go. I set the fire control on rockets put the switch on auto. I cannot set the reset for the correct #no. of rockets on board. Does any one have a remedy or possible solution?
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