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Default OTTO Alternatives?

So... OTTO buttons of specific sizes and colors are extraordinarily hard to find. I managed to snag two P1s in gray so I can systematically replace the abhorrently cheap switches in my Warthog grip, but I can't use them since they're not going to fit in the gray button areas. (Pinky, Master) Finding P8s, the stubby versions, is near impossible and places like Mouser don't actually stock them, which leads to months of lead time should I order. I need my red murder buttons.

So! I'm looking for alternatives. This way it'll be less dodgy than hot gluing and soldering an OMRON switch into a comparatively cavernous housing. Of course, patience in ordering $80 worth of buttons is fine, too, I suppose, if it's preferential to go with the OTTOs.

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I don't see the issue. OTTO P1 will fit all push buttons on the warthog. They will poke out slightly more than P8, but it is negligible. I find it is no problem at all. Massive improvement over the stock buttons.

Top part, P1 for the index finger button pokes out a bit but it'll fit.

P1 for the pinkie button. It protrudes only slightly. It works great. You can even put a P1 for the lever (just sand the lever a bit on the bottom to make it fit. That really works well.

P8 buttons will fit even better but P1s do the job fine in my opinion
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