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Default China hat back long?

Trying to learn the A10C, been at it a few days. All is going pretty well, able to hit targets with bombs in CCRP. I've just been picking targets in the Tgp.

Question is about using a predefined way point in the mission editor, which would also be my intended target, and thus it's my Spi.

Lets say I create a mission with a single way point, that is also the intended target. This would be done in the briefing room before I ever get in the aircraft. I know this is going to confuse you, I'm confused.

I've read that China hat back long will move all sensors to the current way point, which is also my intended target, therefore I want it to be Spi. If CHBL moves all sensors to the current way point, does it them become "the target", Spi. I don't think it's working that way, at least to my eyes.

If the single way point / intended target I create in the mission editor is 75 miles away, CHBL sets all sensors to that way point, how do I target it when it's 75 miles away?

I can't seem to wrap my head around how to do this. I've watched a ton of videos, but can't seem to figure out something that seems pretty simple.

In my mind I should just be able to "mark" the way point on the Tad page to make it Spi, while sitting on the ramp prior to takeoff, but I don't think this is how it works? There must be some way to mark your intended target before getting in the air, regardless of how far away it is?

Found this thread, looks like what I need to do?

Once in the air everything is working fine, no problems hitting targets. Still have to hunt for the targets in the tgp though, was hoping for a different method than trying to scan a tv image for the target. Still learning....
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If your waypoint is the intended target then there is no need to "mark" it as a "Target" waypoint. Any waypoint, markpoint can have sensors slaved to them when selected.

If your having trouble getting hits using CCRP then make sure your waypoint or markpoint are set at ground level on the target. Also, as a side note I rarely use the actual waypoint as the strike point unless there is no TGP available.

If I have a TGP the flow is usually:
1. Slave TGP to waypoint/markpoint
2. Find target with TGP
3. Lase target, then TMS Long Up to set TGP aim point as SPI
4. Stop lase and then proceed with CCRP weapons delivery

*Note about #3: lasing before setting SPI will be more accurate otherwise the TGP may set SPI on the ground behind the intended target

If you dont have a TGP then ensure your waypoint (Target) is set at the correct elevation, otherwise CCRP drops will be off target
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CHA-long will not move all sensors to steerpoint, only the TGP. You can test this yourself by setting TDC on the ground, make it the SPI generator, slave all to SPI, then CHA-long will return the TGP to steerpoint while TDC remains in the same place and it remains the SPI generator.

If you want to target a steerpoint with a weapon then simply set the STPT as the SPI generator with TMS down. Confirm which sensor is the SPI generator by the text label in the lower left corner of the HUD. It is not required that any of the other sensors (MAV, TGP, TDC, TAD) be pointed in any particular direction. TGP can look at someone's house, TDC on a road intersection, and Maverick locked on a tank all while you drop CCRP on STPT if you so desire.
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As Frederf said: If your target is at a waypoint and you want to make your waypoint to become your SPI, then you simply have to press TMS DOWN LONG, which always sets your SPI to STPT (waypoint), regardless of SOI.

As MacEwan said, you should also make sure that your Waypoint's elevation is set to ground elevation, because otherwise the TGP will just point into the sky above the target location.

I would also very much recommend to take a look at the manual at pages 88-92 (ENG manual), as it gives a really great overview of the various HOTAS functions, depending on the selected SOI.
I've attached a snippet from those pages with the China Hat functions.
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Thank you guys for the answers.

What I'm trying to achieve seems to be working fine. As long as TAD is the SOI when I hit TMS down long, the TGP is "locking on" to the target. I can see the camera view change immediately when I hit TMS down long.

After takeoff, and getting closer to the target destination, I can see the intended target on the TGP display, at least very close to it, within feet I'd say.

That's all I was trying to do, get the TGP display to lock on to the target before even leaving the ground. It seems to work. I can then fine tune through the TGP as I get closer, but I was trying to find out how to lock that view on the TGP to the target prior to takeoff, and like I said it seems to be working.
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