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Originally Posted by zhukov032186 View Post
Nothing speaks against them adding it except it doesn't belong to them and the creators indicated they didn't want to become officially involved. I'm not sure what's so hard for people to understand about that.
I don't think it's hard to understand, but rather wishful thinking...
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What should work is, adding a model made by ED, of an a-4 and naming it exactly the same as the mod. This way, everybody without the mod can join a server with it and the ones who have it installed can fly it. This would not give any legal problems or connection between ED and the a-4 team but this beautiful mod could be used in dcs multiplayer. The same would be true for the mb-339.
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I second this...

The Mods can only do so much and it definitely wont come close the class of a full module feel to it. Even if this mod looks VERY WELL done. Still...mods are mods. Would love to see an A-4 model...anything above the E versions will be great fit.
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