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I recommend no curves at all with the Warthog throttle, as it provides enough travel for fine adjustments at any power setting. You may want to create a custom curve with the script editor to match the physical AB detent with the one ingame.
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Real and Simulated Wars
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3 things:

1) The Hornet's throttle is a lot worse than the Tomcat's. Literally takes ages to spool
2) You just don't refuel from the S-3. The last time I did this with the Hornet after it was airborne for approx. half an hour (100% fuel on TO), it was able to give me a fuel amount just shy of 4klb until it's pilot thought he was driving a Tomcat himself and tried this, utterly failing at attempting to light the cans already. The whole crew ejected before they even had their nose up straight. In short: They just don't really have any fuel to share in the first place.

3) DCS has an "easy AAR" option, and it's the topmost checkbox on this very screen:

Obviously, the associated hardware is required though
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Default S3 Refuel

Maybe I should clarify, I meant to say that refuelling is impossible right now for ME.

Not that it isn’t possible for anyone else.

I have spent 4 hours yesterday trying again and again.

Also, the damn canopy blocks everything, I can’t see the probe and what’s worse is it’s offcentre. I can’t judge how far right should it be to connect.

I connect with it once and then it disconnects and Jester is there laughing in the backseat “You’re teasing it, haha!”. What a jackass! I’ve silenced him.

I was watching MST3K “starfighter” episode (more like listening to it whilst refuelling) and there was this pilot saying “You can’t refuel in two minutes? You’re crazy!” So, I’m trying my best to also do it as fast as possible.

I’ve gotta say though, the module is so good. I feel like that critic in ratatouille when he tastes the dish and is taken back to childhood in a flashback, I’m having as much fun as when I first flew in sims.

Edit: grammar

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Thats right where you are going wrong. You dont LOOK at the probe. You dont LOOK at the drogue. All you look at is the drogue receiver, which you keep in the same place just to the right of the center of the upper window. Keep it there, you fly right into it.

If you are trying to coordinate a coupling, it will never work. The trick is to put your plane in the right piece of sky, and you will (if not at the first, at the second or third try) couple right up. Dont rush it. If he pulls the hose in, recontact the tanker, and go again.

Ill be the first to admit VR does help. But I honestly think if you trim it right, and keep the receiver in the window, sooner or later its a done deal. It was for me, and im notably crap at it.
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OP, couple of things i've noticed in this thread.

-i did see from your video that you were pretty far inboard on that KC135, like you were lining up on his #3 or 4 engine instead of the wingpod. asking for jet wash. alt was good, but lineup looked way off.

- you do get much less visual feedback on the S3 as the canopy bow blocks it largely, even in VR. this makes it more important than ever to line up on the pod
and nothing else (and slightly left due to the robe offset)

-wiggle fingers and toes and constantly be making the tiniest movements but constantly. like a boxer doing footwork. loosen it up, but not wide PIOs, just a constant stir on the stick and the throttle. you will never be 100% on speed and 100% straight and level, so if you stop either hand from slightly moving, you are setting a pattern into the wrong direction no matter how trimmed you are.

-you've shut Jester up, good work. his crap does not help.

-vamps was trying to help on the groundspeed vs airspeed. reread the thread in order, and it makes perfect sense and he didnt state any opposites. you came off as very hostile and dense, blaming everything and accepting no help. if you set 250 groundspeed, that s3 is nowhere near speed. it's crawling at stall speed for you. ramp up that ground speed to get 250 kias. if its working, when you lock him up and you are at 250, closure should be 0.

-i almost spit out my coffee hearing that it was thought you should be refueling at stall speed. even landing isn't done at stall speed, and you are trying to hit the ground! no wonder you're getting crazy PIOs and being blown around. a stiff breeze would do it, nevermind a tanker wake.

-for me, i crack the brake juuuuust a bit. this seems to help with the overshoots, so when i bring the throttle back i lose speed more appropriately.

-getting in is easy, staying in can be difficult. doesnt seem to follow the physics of those hose...seems to be an invisible box that if out of, you're out
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Originally Posted by Cunning_Fox View Post
Well, after making the F-14 finally not crash the game, I’ve tried refuelling again.

Needless to say, the quick missions made by heatblur are atrocious as they have put like 50 planes around you for “refuelling practice”. Thanks for making an already difficult task absolutely infuriatingly difficult for no reason at all!

I have concluded that it is impossible to refuel on Tomcat. I have flown sims since the early 90s and was in the top of the DCS servers for either ground attack or dogfight, but air refuelling is impossible. Curves or not, whatever the refuelling plane it’s just impossible to catch anything because for some reason F-14 just goes crazy whenever it’s close to the refuelling cone. It goes up, down, left or right, whether it is in a jets ash or not.

Autopilot doesn’t help, trim doesn’t help. Nothing works, except fluke. To even think that this is a routine task is incredible. Yeah, maybe once in 1,000 tries in 20+ hours and 1,000,000 gallons of fuel later. Otherwise, I am sure the real life refuelling is much easier, or they wouldn’t do it. As it stands now it’s impossible in DCS. Unless you trim the F-14 200 miles away and use microscopic adjustments on the throttle.

The plane either reacts violently to your inputs, however minuscule, or does not react at all.

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yes I agree it seems that way
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