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Great advice everyone. Thanks. I do fly with a good, newbie-friendly group: TAW DCS Division. I've learned a lot there. They are on TeamSpeak at They have an extensive training program for novices like me.
Thanks again for your help.
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Thanks for this post, I was about to ask the same question....I'll try the missions listed first as well as 'simple missions' I've created in the mission seems a bit daunting to me right now.
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Hi Some links for your endeavours

These links where written whilst the A10 was still beta but I imagine most things are correct.

I personally found that replaying the single missions till I could do them perfectly worked and the one that I found most useful for learning the inputting of info to the CDU was Smerch hunt. Its also useful IMO to make use of the wingman, you dont have to kill all the enemy yourself.

Best of luck with learning, its a steep curve but the feeling of being able to prosecute targets successfully utilizing the A10's potential as a killing machine and landing back at base in one piece is fantastic
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Originally Posted by Jona33 View Post
Eno's firehouse server is always highly reccomended.
Agreed - there are some fine people on there that know all the ins and outs of the sim and are very helpful and encouraging. Sometimes a lot of learning can be done by just flying online and listening and following on a wing (or staying out of the way)..

Regarding the CDU - there is this awesome tutorial by Einstein EP:


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PS - I've also found that the biggest challenge when jumping from the training scenarios to the single and campaign missions is the almost immediate ramp up in "task saturation" levels. Campaign designers should take into consideration that easing into the action is a nice way to acclimate rather than getting thrown fully clothed into the deep end of the pool. That's why I've always been such a big fan of campaigns that have a buildup to the action. Recons, light action, followed by more complex missions.

The Vergeev Group campaign (for the Ka-50) is probably the best example of a campaign that is fun, but doesn't overwhelm you from the start. A similarly designed campaign would be very welcomed for the A-10C.

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