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VR improvements is a big one I'm waiting for.

Need better game play before more weapons.

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I agree, havent played all week cause of the VR improvements update..
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ED can't even bring the most important VR improvement these days... without a thorough ECS, it's literally not possible to fly in VR at the moment, because it's just to friggen hot and I wouldn't want to flood my HMD in sweat. That's probably the biggest disadvantage of VR...

Probably gonna try out new stuff the ancient way then
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Guess no update today either?
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Originally Posted by Airhunter View Post
Guess no update today either?
Nineline posted in the patch notes thread above that the buildhas has an issue n there working on it... why it's in chit chat and not some place more easy to see by everyone is beyond me, but .......
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Strange in these times where all people and companies constantly post on various social medias, blogs and forums about their doings, that real and informative communication is at this low level.

But hey..... where I live we have the first real summerday with 23°C, clear skies and birdsong.
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Moving this discussion to chit-chat feels a bit to much "the emperor has no clothes" for me...

Just be honest and say that the patch has been postponed? I work as a development manager and have done so for 15+ years so just face it. Your users will bark and scream at you and it's your job to take it with a smile and say that it will be done in two weeks (tm)

Giving that new date and an explanation BEFORE the previously promised date expires will exponetially decrease the crap you get. And I actually spent this afternoon doing that for two projects At the other hand we delivered some nice complex stuff ahead of schedule but you don't get much credit for that. "Ohh nice - but what about project 7x? Heard that was late?"

But - it's 22.00 soon in Moscow so some late pull request might be on the verge of beeing merged into the release branch as a final step before pushing it?
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