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I agree with Nerd1000.... bearing durability seemed to be on the minds of line pilots, outside of what the factory specified... This probably had something to do with a combination of a move to plain as opposed to roller bearings, again lack of hard alloys, and lower quality oil. The Jumo, which ran at higher rpm at emergency power, didn't seem to have as many problems with this.

Has anyone seen any tech data on metal composition of DB or Jumo blocks, heads, bearings, etc? It would be interesting to compare those to what's know about western types. Perhaps Calum's book will shed light on these issues when it comes out.

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Default mw50

bf-109 in dcs runs 1.79(53inHg) ata max boost with mw50 irc. so have to think that bf-109 is running preaty low boost compare to about 67inHg for spit and about 67inHg for p-51 late version of p-51 were running about 75inHg. db605 has 35-36dcm3 of deisplacment merlin has 27dcm3 so about 30% less. Everyone knows that bigger engine handles bigger loads better heat exchange area is much bigger in db605 than in merlin. so bf109 load is equivalent to about maby 53inhg for p-51 and you can run at this setting for a long time in p-51
water methanol injection cools air/fuel mixture so your engine can avoid knock at higher boosts but mw50 is not adding any power by it self.
on other side fw190 runs 1.9ata(57inHg) at low speed of supercharger and something around 2.1ata(63inHg) at high speed of supercharger expect that engine in fw190 will have harder time to cool it self

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